Rewiring the System


Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on May 8, 2009

The Sutras of Patenjoli are the source of all the earliest codified meditation practices.

 The little sentences describe the fruits of this behavior.  I met a lovely woman on face book who was talking in general terms about so many people she meets who have their mental focusing practice as a ‘spiritual hobby’ rather than a spiritual discipline.

 This idea impressed me. It is an easy way to see the difference of dedication and hobby.  It is spiritual discipline as a glad engagement of a person’s heart and mind striving for harmony.

 Who are we, as human beings?  What will a certain inner listening in quiet surroundings bring into our life?  Patenjoli wrote his little poem like suggestions over nine thousand years ago.  His practices have fathered all the truth found in the many spiritual facets we see displayed today in houses of worship.  Worship has been created by gladdened quiet minds.

 We are, each person, at a different time and place along the spirals of life in time, space on this surface.

Now is a time we can sit  outside of an organization and make our individule plan for contacting the immaterial .  The time of needing an interceder to take our values and integrity out to infinity is past.

Start byseeing yourself as you really are warts wiggets and wonder.

Learning  who we are to our own selves, brain body and bounce as well as how much input of environmental information we are taking into our selves is the first step.  Not a co dependent attitute of pleasing some other before we know what we need.  The first step is to look at the sensatory impressions from \actions as things and emotions, both fears and joys. The thoughts, both externally produced and internal images have to be seen for what they are,. They truly are not solid, yet daily we give them power as immovable and permanent.


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