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University of Oxford

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Top downloads

  1. Darwin 200: Dawkins and Harries
    Richard Dawkins, Richard Harries and Jeremy Paxman
  2. Building a Business: Negotiation Skills
    Owen Darbishire
  3. 2007 Lecture 1: Starting in the middle
    Professor Robert Stalnaker
  4. Tolkien and the Oxford English Dictionary: ‘The Ring of Words’
    Stuart Lee, Peter Gilliver, Jeremy Marshall, Edmund Weiner
  5. Roger Crisp on Aristotle’s Ethics
    Roger Crisp and Oliver Lewis
  6. Facebook: The Strength of Weak Ties
    Bernie Hogan and Veronica Sartore
  7. Stiglitz on Credit Crunch – Global Financial Debacle: Meeting the Challenges of Global Governance in the 21st Century
    Joseph Stiglitz
  8. Global Recession: How Did it Happen?
    Linda Yueh and Jonathan Michie
  9. Bryan Ward-Perkins on the Fall of the Roman Empire
    Bryan Ward-Perkins and Oliver Lewis
  10. Freedom and its Betrayal: Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1952)
    Isaiah Berlin

Other popular downloads

  1. Studying Buddhism
    Richard Gombrich
  2. Martin Oldfield on Tidal Turbines
    Martin Oldfield, Malcolm McCulloch and Stuart Wilkinson
  3. Chris Patten on Politics and Public Health
    Chris Patten
  4. CSSJ: Cohen Conference: Justice as Fairness: Luck Egalitarian, not Rawlsian
    Michael Otsuka, comments by Jonathan Wolff
  5. Roman Comedy: A funny thing happened…
    Peter Brown
  6. Dark Matter and Architecture in Science
    Marcus du Sautoy, Irene Tracey, Chris Lintott, Pedro Ferreira
  7. Defence of Women and Imagination in French Medieval Literature
    Helen Swift and Landon Newby
  8. Data Protection, Freedom of Expression and the Media
    Anthony White QC
  9. Societies in Transition: Technology and Transition in the 21st Century
    Professor Steve Rayner, James Martin Professor of Science and Civilisation, Said Business School
  10. Poetic Phonetics
    Christopher Peter Joseph Turner

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Image for Dark Matter and Architecture in Science Dark Matter and Architecture in Science
In this podcast, cosmologist Professor Pedro Ferreira gives an insight into the latest theories about what makes up the Universe around us. Why is dark matter so important? Do we really need dark energy to explain the expansion of the Universe? Could we be living in a giant cosmic void?
Professor du Sautoy then leads a discussion on the relationship between science and architecture and how buildings influence the science going on inside them. Along the way, we learn about a spy base shaped like a doughnut, an observatory out of a Bond film and discover the secret to getting scientists to swap ideas and change the world.
Joining in the debate are astrophysicist Dr Chris Lintott and neuroscientist Professor Irene Tracey.
Listen to this podcast.
You can read more about the podcast by these Oxford University scientists in Inside Oxford Science Extra on the Oxford Science Blog.
Find out about other Inside Oxford Science podcasts.

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