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Longevity of Consciousness Through Loving Friendships

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on May 22, 2009

Just yesterday, I had dinner with a real friend. She came to California from Pennsylvania for a wedding so we had a chance, just the two of us, to have dinner together at a lovely place in Oakland right on the bay.  We had a view of the boats in their moorings and the far off city settling the sunset as we ate perfectly prepared morsels of California abundance. We talked.

What is missing for me personally here in California are the sorts of friends who have time and energy to unselfishly share stories of their days from their hearts and give a rats hair for anyone other than themselves.  Here I am in the beauty and bounty of paradise feeling completely alone.  I wonder that I have not been able to build a friendship here, as I was able there on the other coast. ‘There is no Here There’, said Gertrude Stein! Here caring seems to center on what the friendship will do FOR them and not a shared experience. Not for the trying, as I went to many different places and attended events etc… but found nothing of the heart centered warmth that feeds my nervous system.

Certainly, people are busy since life details, each errand takes so much time, but where is the sharing of stories that supports the hunger for human connection that will keep  me and the human race alive and well into the next millennium. The Dalai Lamas’ sentences about our human race needing human contact to thrive touched a place in my system, which I wanted to share with anyone who reads my blog.

I send out this creative prayer beam to the universal system to magnetize a person or persons , one or many, who like to go to the movies together or go for a stroll and stop for a drink and just talk and share songs of the soul without being a burden to the nervous system or the established forms.  Nothing ventured nothing gained.  It is with complete joy I share the small parts of paragraphs from the larger event that was delivered recently, as a light on our true human nature and need for human contact.  Positive feelings are good for your health

HH the Dalai Lama at Gillette Stadium on May 2, 2009 delivering his afternoon talk to the unchurched and un-templed. He had stepped down from his throne (from which he talked about religion in the morning) and is wearing a Patriot’s football cap. An AP photo plucked off the internet.

There is a necessity for doing something for the Dark Age, a very real necessity. When the Dalai Lama spoke a few weeks ago at the Gillette Stadium in Massachusetts, he spoke about different religious perspectives in the morning and encouraged everyone to see Christ as Love In Others or to follow  whatever path they are on.  And he gave all 16000 people the bodhisattva vow if they wanted…all you had to do was read it off the big screens 3x.  It is the vow to do no harm and live the golden rule in harmony with self and others.

Then in the afternoon he addressed those who have no religion who he acknowledged are increasing in number. He addressed those people by reminding them that we all thrive on affection starting with our mother’s touch, and that we are socially dependent on others and that that interdependence works best when it is fueled by warm-heartedness, which has to happen through individuals.

Money and government can’t make it happen though they can help. And he mentioned that science has shown that positive feelings are good for your health*. He said his doctors have commented that he is physically 10 years younger than his chronological age thanks to inner peace; and he said that inner peace has been crucial in dealing with the problems of the Tibetan people.
We mustn’t lose sight of this Dark Age  and be grateful that we can build a path as a way to present helpful teachings to this unchurched-untempled group. And as HH the Dalai Lama also said, it is important to respect the religious and non-religious both.

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