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Just a Quick Star Trek

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on May 27, 2009
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I went to see the Enterprise Star Trek movie tonight the theater was packed! Here it is Tuesday and the theater is packed!  Makes me want the Star Trek series to come back to the small screen.  The special effects were just a little too special but seeing Spock passionately kissing Ohura was worth all the explosions suffering external fire.  Not a yawn movie.  People in the theater were clapping, cheering, and generally having a great time very unlike most movie experiences.

I have been pondering the Profound Perceptions.  Like what I say, who can see how they are generated, and how they are understood as they arrive in another person’s eyes ears and heart.

Life has to be more than material perceptions.  There is a profound level often alluded to in the Mystic traditions.  Profound perceptions, in that the communication is not a huggable or touchable perception, or even as subtle as the sequence of sounds shared by musicians in the orchestra.

I am reading a book about opening our hearts to the mystic common core of all the worlds’ belief systems. It is wordy and like all writing that is trying to make sure the reader understands the point, seems to feel it is necessary to repeat the premise three times.  In the introduction, Brother Wayne Teasdall refers to my favorite representative of overcoming all odds, Stephen Hawking, the man who uses linear thinking to map the cosmos.  The cosmos is a mystical truth since it seems to continue to be beyond the confluence of gray matter and its surrounding white matter.  Thought and its oily processing material can go only so far in things as they really are.  ‘Physicist Stephen Hawking has remarked that Mysticism is for those who can’t do the math!’ I have always understood string theory and the complex surrounding Higgins Bosom. I have been able to follow the conversation of rocket scientists, physicists and engineers as they talk about the particle world or the molecular structure of both biology and chemistry. I have the experience that is suggested by George Cairns, “Mystics are people who don’t need to do the math, since they have direct experience.”

In meditation I train my mind by quieting my brain and slip into the great direct experience of simplicity.  It is extra ordinary since the quality of energy is gathered and palpable yet there is nothing in the circle.  No flashing lights or sculptures are part of the true meditative event.  There are those who pose as mediators but they are writing their own to do list or figuring out some other practical material event.  That might work, as a relaxing and good use of real time to accomplish tasks but it is not the meditative experience.  The quiet of real life in the shimmering channels of energy before form cannot be participated in when the mind is thinking about ‘stuff’.

Each sect and every great leader is trying to connect with a certain segment of the personality types to form communities who will enjoy a style along the path toward truth.

Star Trek takes us into a world filled with moral integrity and fun.  FUN!  Moral living is fun.  Not the sort of dictated truth from an outside writing or speaking but the sort that just feels right from your individual heart. Bring Back Star Trek with Kirk and Spock!


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