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Scientologist Blocked From Editing Wikipedia! woo wo

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on May 30, 2009
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Isn’t this a hoot and a half! Scientologists considered incorrect sufficiently wrong by enough of the users of the most amazing encyclopedia ever! Imagine all those ‘clears’ confronting the rest of the super fine brainyacks who have the real deal about everything under the sun.  Sorry L. Ron, but take time to spin in your pyramid!

I got this snip of delicious info from a blog service:

My scientology story starts way back in the dark beginnings of the proselytizing when there were storefronts offering the test to see if you are ‘Clear’. How intriguing to a young college girl on vacation.  Certainly better than the theme parks just down the road.  This is a free entertainment into the depths of clarity. Is clarity deep? Ask Martin Buber with his “thee and thou” about clarity, but is clarity ‘clear?’

I walked into the Shattuck Avenue storefront with my boyfriend to step up to the test together. It was a bright Berkeley afternoon, just another beautiful day in sunny northern California. I had a off white silky long sleeve button down shirt slipping and sliding sensuously over my chest with an argyle vest to give a colorful foil to the velvet rust tight low rider bell bottom pants. My boyfriend was dressed in classic guy choice: plaids Indian Madras counter culture short sleeve shirt and striped shorts to show off his good legs! Can anyone get Madras shirts today in 2009?

We are seated on two sides of the room, as there is a girl section and a boy section just like in the other Abrahamic derived belief dogmas separate the genders for the prayer parts and for the power parts too.

The test was two sheets of single spaced questions with a grid of varying agreement values. Like, I really agree to I really disagree, or something the like. They were not deep questions though the language was quite precise though not meant to confuse or judge your intelligence quotient. I looked good and felt good since my hair was glistening and loosely moving in the easy breeze. Since I never much took strife with the small stuff and was here to have a really good time, I zipped through the questions.  The tester applied a grid on top of my answers to simplify the grading.  I looked up and saw his eyes seem to pop out of their sockets.  Since I was not expecting either good or bad I just enjoyed the time in the storefront.  He went over to a woman who went over to a group of people who went up stairs to the secluded second floor and the ‘manager’, though I did not get her title, walked across the room toward me.  Everyone cowed down to this woman. What is going on and when will I get my results I was thinking.

She talked to me briefly and I do not remember the conversation at all until she said that no one had ever walked in off the street and got all but one answer right and that one was not terribly wrong.  She wanted to show me around and get to know me.  Every other person in the building except the higher staff was escorted out.  I got to go up stairs. I was given the grand tour.  I saw the clearing cans though I cannot remember the scientology word for the process.  I was told that people listened to words then asked to define them until they learned to use words properly and express themselves directly.  I learned a lot more about Scientology.  Right now, I do not want to tell every detail of that lightening moment.  Everyone was really nice to me and glad to meet me.  I was allowed to keep my ‘test’. It hung on my studio wall in all the painting studios I had over the years until I moved to California.  It got lost in the packing.  Those pages are part of the past that seemed like baggage rather than blocks with which to build a future.

The lightening amazement was that the boyfriend, who I later married, got all the questions wrong except one answer.  The Director Lady said point blank to me, “What are You doing with Him?”  I should have heard her vision of the truth but the heat of lust for him and the upper class family from which he sprouted consumed me. Glamour blinded me from seeing the test as more than just fun for a lazy afternoon. I knew in the ensuing years that the system of practice was not for me. We each have a spiritual style, which is just right.  There is something paternalistic about many beliefs whether they are considered a religion or a cult.  There is a segment of Americans, who truly believe that silent un-programmed Quakers are a cult!

I remember reading the Scientology Magazine about pulling the living heart out of a person as a form of divination as used by the Aztec and adored by the Scientologist. It was very colorful.  I never felt in danger from the floating flotilla of off shore ships as some people I knew feared. I look forward to hearing the story of boundaries for Scientology as it unfolds from the Wiki people.  What happened that made Wikipedia mad?

Wikipedia Blocks Church of Scientology From Editing Pages

Friday, May 29, 2009

In an unprecedented move, Wikipedia has banned edits from an entire religion — the Church of Scientology.

After four months of internal discussion, Wikipedia’s top administrators decided Thursday to block Scientology-affiliated computers from changing items on any part of the free online encyclopedia, reports the British tech blog The Register.

Wikipedia famously lets almost anyone make changes to almost any article. Troublesome individuals have been blocked from editing — among them virulently anti-Scientology activists who altered pages relating to the religion — but this is the first time a religious organization has been blocked.

The encyclopedia’s administrators found that Scientology computers had been repeatedly changing more than 400 pages related to the Church, deleting negative references and adding positive ones. The volume of changes was overwhelming administrators’ ability to reverse them, hence the block.

Representatives of the Church of Scientology did not reply to’s requests for comment.

Wikipedia matches specific Internet Protocol (IP) addresses — every device on the Internet has one — with certain users, and tweaks its servers to prevent those machines gaining edit access. Every IP address linked to the Church of Scientology is now banned from editing.


“All IP addresses owned or operated by the Church of Scientology and its associates, broadly interpreted, are to be blocked,” read a statement on Wikipedia, according to WikiNews. “Individual editors may request IP block exemption if they wish to contribute from the blocked IP addresses.”

A previous mass block was levied against for repeated troublesome edits, reports the Register. For half a day in January 2008, the entire nation of Qatar was blocked because many troublesome edits were coming from the country’s only ISP, CNET reports.


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