Rewiring the System

Beginning Interfaith ‘Spirituality’

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Interfaith Spirituality

A Band of Distortion brings up to the surface, highly magnified and often distorted, anything that is impure and untrue. I use ‘Horse Sense’ to think well of people. I strive to give undivided service with no disparagement since I would disparage myself, as I am a part of the whole.  Moreover, I do not forget, since “I forgot” will not do in the life of service

I am grounded, realistic about my dreams and desires. I move forward to support, in the non-controlling genuinely friendly manner, to all people who are truly all my friends.

This is for me the real integration of ‘here and now’ body, form, and integrity with my spirit soul. I was born into an immigrant family of Orthodox Russian Jews.  The Jewish orthodoxy adheres to a strict interpretation and application of Talmudic Laws and Ethics.  As an oral tradition, Judaism directs the faithful by paternalistic directives, toward a lofty infinity.  This is where my soul seed planted as a zygote out of the indigo spaciousness into this material garden. I found Judaism to be a limiting ‘ritual based’ organization characterized by the belief in being a Diaspora guided by the marking of days in a chain of liturgy.

In puberty, I found the Tibetan Buddhism. I have been very fortunate to study with very qualified teachers including the Dalai Lama himself, his teachers and his assistants. Buddhism called me to the Path of Self Knowledge, form and function in fusion.

At a point in my trainings, I found the pure internally generated ‘Will to Strive’ to serve of all humanity studying and using the teachings of Helena and Nicholas Roerich’s Agni Yoga.

In this June’s issue of Physics World . . .
Lee Smolin, author of the bestselling science book ‘The Trouble with Physics’
and a founding member and research physicist at the Perimeter Institute for
Theoretical Physics in Waterloo, Canada, writes exclusively in the June issue
of Physics World explaining why theories of cosmology that suggest that our
universe is just one of many – the so-called multiverse – and thus perpetuate
the notion that time does not exist are flawed.

”If we embrace the idea that there is only one universe and that time is a
fundamental property of nature, then this opens up the possibility that the
laws of physics evolve with time. As Smolin writes, “The notion of
transcending our time-bound experiences in order to discover truths that hold
timelessly is an unrealizable fantasy. When science succeeds, we do nothing
of the sort; what we physicists really do is discover laws that hold in the
universe we experience within time. This, I would claim, should be enough;
anything beyond that is more a religious urge for transcendence than
science.”Eugen Leitl sent me this comment.


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