Rewiring the System

An Afternoon of Great Theater

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on June 14, 2009

Jack Goes Boating

At the Aurora Theater 2087 Addison Street Berkeley Ca 94704

Telephone: 510-883-0231

Jack Goes Boating is a simply complicated stuffed scenario of things we have all lived through or watched. My X was a philander. I should have known in the beginning.  My daughter asks how come if I knew that I stayed. Back in my 20’s he denied and tried to cover up his back door game while doing drugs and drinking himself into a stupor.  His brain imaging probably is like holy cheese! The audience this afternoon liked the play and were all swept into the unfolding story. I feel certain that each had their own list of characters living out the plot.  What a joy to enjoy the hurdles we all jumped and survived.

In this Brooklyn version of our lives, the couples work it out with such interesting pizzazz that it’s turned right side with raw humor rather than raw wounds.

It is timeless though set in our twenty-first century using the modern escape from pain tools available to the working class.  Several people agreed with me that it is refreshing to see the phone sales girls and limo chauffeurs playing their cards of life with powerful humanity.

Survive they did.  Keeping their eye on the prize and remolding the path ahead to bring healing and fun where injury and fear flourished. We are all waiting for the special someone or something, sitting on the bench and believing that it will be delivered. This play gives us reason to smile about ourselves as one character after another goes about the personal lifting to change in the right way to meet his and her dream.

I highly recommend this play here at the Aurora since the acting is superb.  The set and scene changes flawlessly move as a Kabuki production. The story is in film production with Philip Seymour Hoffman as Jack planned to open in 2011. Best to see it in the real theater where actors and audience share the energy in the moment.


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