Rewiring the System

The Way It’s Been Not How It Should Be:

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on July 11, 2009

Living ‘In’ The Neighborhood

We are living in the neighborhood, not just this town or city but Our Global Neighborhood.   Be a person of peace. Say I am at Peace, Peace Inside and Outside, with each breath.  Fulfill your special spark of creativity. It is your strand of reality so face it and delight in your purpose.  Sit with yourself and think, ‘What is my special creative gift?’  I have a friend who is an especially good house cleaner and makes the ones served feel wonderful since he lives compassion for all.

Be Positive, have a positive attitude about the outcome of your every step. Create the positive energy by breathing in Trust breathing out Joy and Bliss. You are beautiful.  Trust in the natural goodness of all of life and the cycles are part of the progress moving with grace and purpose.  Be Optimistic and reflect Optimism every second of your life, every thought shimmers with the light of right thinking.  Joy in the beginning, Joy in the Middle and Joy at the End.


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