Rewiring the System

What Would You Like To Do?

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on July 15, 2009

I ache that so many of the people in my circle are on the verge of slipping into a state of mind that wants everything.  It is a My Way or the Highway of relationships. Do what I want to do right now!   You will not have my company or attention if you suggest anything other than the one place I want to go.  I believe, as in my earlier posting today, that I am in danger of waking people up to the fact that they are in danger of getting nothing. I worry that he and she are lusting for such total control over so much that they cannot actually formulate a foolproof plan to get even just a pinch of my sweetness.

What can motivate the people I know to overthrow this static state of mind and allow them to change? Change they must or remain in diapers for the remaining number of their days as a biped. I have tried every way possible with both extensive generosity and delightful kindness and caring.  Now I am about to put this group in my rear view mirror.

I have not told them these mantra words that I want to hear.   Both me and other people they want in their lives want to be asked, here I write the mantra:  “What would You like to do?’ I wonder if any will half the self-centered container enough to crack opened to ask what I would like to do then accompany me to that event or outing or restaurant.  How in the world have I attracted, accumulated or allowed such controlling people into my life.

It comes to my mind a story that a great spiritual friend once said to me: ‘if you lie down with a dog who has flees you should not be surprised that you get flees.’ Some scientific research I read a while ago that people who have fat friends start to accumulate extra pounds.  I have extra pounds from being so despondent since I moved here to sunny Berkeley California. I have not chosen wisely the places I have looked to build new friendships.  In my former life on the east coast, I had a child and the circles of friendships were gleaned from the mothers of my child’s playmates. Now I am a single adult.  What interests me enough to get involved with which will bring me contacts for the shared experience of culture and caring.


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