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Cobbler in Kensington CA John A Green

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on July 16, 2009

In the words of Mother Teresa who reportedly said: “We have been created for the sole purpose to love and be loved.” “Love” (*biggest 4-letter word in the English language)

Mr. Green dispenses Love and fixes shoes with sartorial grandeur.  I stopped in to find out how to get the coffee of my rather new  high end pricy shoes.  The other day in an effort to save the bleedin’ planet I used a paper cup a second time for a second cup of coffee.  This is a mistake I will not make again.  The seam separated and out the side slid the liquid on to the table and down between the sliver of space between the tables on to my shoes on my feet under the table. He looked me over and started in the most subtle way around told me that I probably made a mistake buying these at a shyster store rather than stable and responsible Nordstrom!  He did not use the word shyster but an English High Style Slang that has slipped my mind.  I am sorry that the new word for dishonest did not stick. I am innocent to the core.

As Mr. Green talked he took out  two tools and worked on my shoes.  It was really clear he knew what he was doing and was a highly intelligent gentle man.  What fun!

My friend Anne who spent some time in England started talking in a Brit accent and he whispered, ‘drop the accent.’ She did not hear him but I did since I was standing right across the counter watching his deft hands moving with just the right touch to remove the stains without disturbing the surface.  It was art!

Anne and John got into a passionate conversation about whether the island should be called Briton or the Commonwealth Of Briton or England.  Most of that conversation was way over my head.  I was enthralled by the talk of flags and flagstone plus the proper way to curtsey!

While Mr. Green was working on my shoes two customers came and either dropped off the shoes or watched and waited for his loving attention to their shoes.  The second customer brought his shoes asking if they needed heels.  Instead of a direct answer, John Green took out his bic lighter and started to anneal the loose poly strings on each side of each shoe.  The flame delighted me but more wonderful was the exact distance and timing for the string to form a perfect little ball at the end which would permanently stop the sides from being undone. Yet again the customer asked if he needed heels and another problem of the inside was addressed.  The third time he asked, John went back to his workstation and put on some sort of lift telling the customer that the shoes did not deserve the cost of new heels.  All of this transpired with such kindness and true concern for the cost and the customer.  How rare to see such a good soul in business.

Finally my flips were returned in alike new condition!  I am going to bring all my shoes to him asap! You all should drive to his place and enjoy his attention too.

KENSINGTON COBBLERS                                  510-524-2285

378 Colusa Avenue

Kensington, CA 94707                                       Tuesday thru Saturday


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