Rewiring the System

Either/Or, Both/And

Either/ Or, Both/ And

Who said that symbolic logic would not be important  when I was grown?  I knew when I choose to read the thick blue book back in ninth grade that this was mind/brain training which would serve me all my long life. Now I use this mental tool to plan a path into my vibrant future.

I am just not ready.   Squinting to see the path ahead includes a partner as well as the personal agenda.  The serious internal argument on the agenda is a fight between actually taking the time to get the table of contents and digging into the deep personal stuff that I have covered with a bubbling personality.

A long time ago I had a now no longer friend, Annie Bananaie told me that my front conversations took a lot of energy that I should use for myself on myself.  Now that advice is coming home to roost in the  soft nest of truth.  The truth that time sheds its attentivie light on for me to see.

It is a real internal argument but I feel that giving up the ‘talk’ will be a good thing.

So tonight, I went to a meeting and found myself falling into the old pattern.  I now know that this is a sign that mediating more is the real key.  Quiet inside supports quiet outside.  In meditation, I pull forward the quiet of self-knowledge and stability that are important parts of a fresh start.

The fresh start heralded in the celestial action of the solar eclipse as a fractal of my earthly system held within the bag of skin that I call Ilsa.

Nothing you can do that can’t be done” as the Beatles sing, All you need is Love, Love Is All You Need!

Think about self-love first so that people you contact feel your authenticity.  There are no quick results of the action of real self-love.  Tonight a person in a group I meet with weekly said that her commitment she will report on next Monday was her cleaning her bedroom.  It is a real first step of building her surroundings to reflect the together person she is striving to become on the inside.  Fractals are the mathematics of the small particular being a replication of the large system.  Lifting our lives out of the confusion takes time. Allowing the time to change properly rarely happens. This is a problem with western people. We like results quickly. So we fall for solutions that are quick, not for solutions that are right. Then the “quick” solutions fail in the long terms, but our attention span is too short to note it.

Take time to love yourself enough to do one thing today.  I choose to live life by “Completing the Task”.  As I am getting undressed, I will hang up what can be worn again and put the things that need to be washed in the proper places.  I always turn the shoetrees into the shoes as I take them off and place them in the shoe storage hangers behind the door.

I am so happy not to have things lying around causing mental confusion.


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