Rewiring the System

Conversation with Leroy

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on July 25, 2009
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we need a spiritual revolution. In a state of individual understanding people will come together and know that one person makes a difference. By supporting one another we really can work this out. If we do not put right what has been so wrong for so long then the Earth is doomed. Many people can feel this impending difficulties. What is going on behind the public eye about water ownership is a prime example. The privatization of water started in 1971 so for profit companies have a head start. Notice when you buy bottled water. This is the trail from when water was free to now as water in plastic bottles costs more than gasoline. There are good groups like the Fetzer Institute who fund humanity saving projects. This year is the 200 anniversary of Abraham Lincoln. Think about what you would want and let me know. Be a positive thinking person because negativity will cloud your thinking and bring you down. Lets stay in touch.


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