Rewiring the System

Do Something Pleasurable

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on July 27, 2009

Listen to the Monty Python song: And Now for Something Completely Different!

Ask a dozen friends what they like about you.

Experience Emptiness by seeing the cause and effect see saw functioning as you release your breath as the joy of being alive pours into the top of your skull and fills your body with starry light, which is activated as you receive the fresh air.

Breathing is something pleasurable.  When your dream comes, you are ready to receive in a small step as you glide on the cushion of air to the Ultimate reality.

Lowered energy is one side as agitation is the other side.  Back and forth, you go trying to think this through.  Just let go of the complexity and breath.  You can let go.  Holding on to this dance of dullness and sparkle is tiring.

Where does your dull depression take you?  As Gertrude Stein said after her house in Oakland was burned down, ‘There is no there there.’

Her natural creativity allowed her to welcome the experience as she planned for the next step.  Yes, she was sad and more than sad that there was no home there.

It might be hard for you to trust your friends enough to sit down and actually write to them. Send an email or a postcard asking for a few sentences about what they like about you, what they think about their relationship with you, but this is the mirror polishing of real value.

Have faith. Welcome what is uncomfortable and enjoy the bumps in this adventure called your real life.

Feel the air as you inhale go to all parts of your insides down to your toes.  Feel the air move on your skin. Feel your feet firmly planted on the floor.   Take a shower and allow the dropplets to splat on your skin. You are alive!


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