Rewiring the System

In Truth We Create Our Own God or Gods

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on July 28, 2009

This week I saw social values confront the question about material life in flux with science bringing the unseen to a place of importance.

‘What I see is what I get’, or is there more than the hard stuff? What do the fractal universes, which fly into seven, nine or more spinning strings, which are mathematically precise, inform our future understanding of the unseen?  At CERN, plasmas are heating up to the point of delivering the final Boson into place in the puzzle of the Theory of Everything.  It is fun that I actually know two of the scientists working at CERN.  One lives in a van with his gorgeous girlfriend and their cat so he can surf when he is not pushing thought to the limits of his pencils power on paper.  The other is a Russian ‘genius’ and his amazing nature photographs, who also teaches at a smarty-pants university in the Russian snow covered outland. Though they do not agree on the meaning of life, I can attest to this particular disagreement, having talked with each one separately, they are searching in different ways, for different particles and their processes using the same equipment.

In the same way as the two CERN physicists, so many people in all walks of life are searching for the meaning of their lives and of life itself. Inherent in this search is the personal inward longing toward realization of how this started and who if anyone, being, or force of free electrons kick started this planetary growth in this arm of this galaxy.

Countless Local and National news about officers of the peace behaving badly abound.  Now with the American government-giving fist full dripping gobs of bailout funding to banks we have material questions about how this could be allowed.  Weren’t banks and the international banking industry always the lively hood of the ruling classes?  Is this the financial future Cosmo De Medici envisioned when he traveled widely working to include kings into the free flow of lucre that international banking brings to commerce?   Did we miss something?  What shall we do with the emotions generated by these facts, we who are the 95 % general folks who do not have a money cloud coming to soften our missteps?

The God Question!

We are living in society all of our lives. As be live we think about a divine mystery.  Not just as the mystery of life happens to just ourselves but how it happens to our families, friends and enemies.  Yes, you do wonder how the people who do no good are seen by this unseen mystery.

This adventure can be like a visit to the circus with the oddities and the accomplished under one tent. In our modern life, we face a rapidity of change with social values working in contemporary conditions. Our need for a problem free functioning political system that works in the contemporary moment drives both conversation and action.

There are enough books, which will sink the Queen Mary Ocean Liner written on this subject. It is so wistfully awfully hard to evaluate the many offered solutions of values, ethics and meaning of life.

Religion answers a group question.  I as an individual can hear, adhere and understand the group think.

I was born into and come out from an orthodoxy tradition. That tour had a well-policed path which the ecclesiastical leaders enforced demanding uninformed obedience. Just as the catholics adhere to the Blessed Sacrament, the orthodoxy of every stripe has a well-worn label that immediately brings their story. Face it we all have baggage.

Last night I had a short conversation with a member of the local Unitarian church.  We were talking about what I was doing in my thinking and scribbles. She was genuinely interested in both my work and me.  I said that people often ask me the meaning of life.  I have thought about this question continuously for years and years.   When I said I know the meaning, she could not hear my thought.  This is not a bad thing and I did not feel wronged in any way.  What I did understand (and this has impelled me to writing this posting), is that each person has a right to their individual belief.

The God image and its ruminating query of what is the meaning of life and all this ‘creation’ is different for each person.  This backward Dog or forward spelling God symbol is a metaphor for our personal truth. It is how we think and feel about our corporate spiritual experience in general and our own contact with spirituality.

The American Heritage dictionary defines spiritual as ‘relating to, consisting of, or having the nature of spirit; not tangible or material which is synonyms with immaterial’.  I always thought of the immaterial outside of an image made by men. I remember when I was seven or eight,  listening to stories about peoples religious experiences and thinking that they have created a irrational emotionally driven old gray man dressed in long dusty brown robes slumped in the back of some closet.  Truly, I could draw or paint that lasting mental image created in my mind by the way friends told me about god, their god of their fathers. Not a model I ever wanted to emulate, replicate or imitate.

I have come to understand that the god we each have is the one we are capable of having in our hearts and minds. We each have our own concept and our own relationship to that which we are capable of having at this intersection of our time in the places spaces where we are thinking feeling and living. As Pema Chodron so very beautifully states,’ Where ever you are there you are.’

For the one or two of you who would like to take a baby step along the path of self-knowledge I have thought about a small project you could do for yourself.

Open up your life and look at a few of your friends and relatives as well as those with whom you have an enmity.  Make a long list then pick at a minimum of 10 to 12.  Pick up your courage, the same courage you use every time you take the time and when you use your energy to think about the immaterial. Thinking about your place in the flow of life takes courage. Now pick a dozen people and write them a short note either a post card or an email.  Ask them in a few words what they notice and like about you.  You want to find out how you affect them but more important you want to get a picture of what they like about you.  How is your dance in life going with these few people?

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