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Letter Sent to the Better Business Bureau

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on July 28, 2009

When bad things happen, if you do not respond properly, you get involved with the entire situation and everyone connected to that ball of wax situation, organization, or nation.

Karma is action. When you join a group, you are one with that group’s karma of actions and reactions. All of those people who are members and all their actions are attached to you.  In the case of America or other nationality, we have a group karma.  So many people protested the war in Iraq etc, to separate themselves from that action and reaction.  Taking an individual stand cuts the attaching link to the failed or unnecessary cause and effect.

For this reason, I feel it is very Important to Announce that the Chaplaincy Institute treated me badly. They are not what they propose is their purpose.  The TV show, Consumer Watch replied to my press release last month and called me this morning. The Intake representative said that she did research and that the news item was too small for the program.  She told me to BLOG about this since a search might help someone who was thinking about coming. She felt it was important to have my story known.  She also told me to post with the Better Business Bureau.  Here is that letter and the original press release.

Metta, may all beings have happiness.

May all being be free of suffering.

May All Being know Peace.

Better Business Bureau:

I have no trust in the Chaplaincy Institute of Berkeley CA. They do not behave with integrity and their performance would not prepare me for the Life of Service I plan. Though the Institute is ten years at their current address, they have not delivered results that the ACPE demands. The Chaplaincy Institute did not address my needs or concerns.

I sent my story to Consumer Watch and received a return call this morning. I told Consumer Watch the story of how I was stopped; the director boldly placed her body six inches in front of me and told I would not be allowed into the building. I was stopped at the door after the last lunch break of the last two-hour session of a weeklong study module.

TV Consumer Watch intake people who choose the stories called me today. She had looked up the Institute. She said her research lead her to understand that the Chaplaincy Institute is a bogus  (her word) Institute and suggested I write to you directly since the Institute was so unimportant it is not to be proper  for coverage in the larger bay area news.
She said that I should report to the Better Business Bureau that the Institute purports to be a school but is not. It is not credentialed to issue ordination outside of the small church, which houses the Institute. She said her research lead her to understand that the Chaplaincy Institute is a bogus Institute. It is not a school for the chaplaincy. That is corresponds structurally to ‘spiritual, mystical’, which is also attached to a particular church.

This Berkeley Institute calls itself Interfaith but is a center of historical orthodoxy. The Sancta Sophia says right up front that they are Christian organization, which is functioning in the old church manner.

I want it noted that the buyer of this Institutes services and product to be aware that the cooks are using old bottles for new wine by publicizing a new interfaith but using one old model. The ordination is conferred and recognized by the church, which houses the Institute. Outside of a small circle, the value is as good as the paper it is written on and nothing more. It charges over eleven hundred dollars not including the long mandatory book list. I was verbally dragged through a stressful interview. I complied with all their requests to reform my external appearance, including getting new eyewear frames to ‘open up my face’. The focus is on outer image and not inner development. The classes are a surface contact with ideas and nothing that would support the real work of an interfaith chaplain. It was said, as was reflected in my resume, that I might know more than most of their facility. That should have drawn my attention as the first of many red flags. If I had known this Institute is not, a school conferring real credentials I would not have wasted my time and money. It is very important to both my linage teachers and to me personally that you know of the impropriety of their service to students and the institution of chaplaincy as a whole.

Press Release:

Intolerant Chaplain Program kicked me out.

By Their Deeds Shall You Know Them

Berkeley California July 2009

I was kicked out of the Chaplin Program. Can you imagine? This group of clerics who are supposed to be tolerant just did not ‘like’ me. They kicked me out with no explanation and I am mad as hell and I’m look for an attorney so I can sue.

Here is what happened:

The Chaplaincy Institute calls itself Interfaith but does not live up to it.  Their Interfaith is an intolerant conversation between orthodoxies.  My belief of a transcendental deity that is unseen and unknowable was not acceptable. I guess it is too is hard for the staff and students to think in these terms. I feel this is the problem in this school and in our world.  I was told that my way of believing and expressing my beliefs ‘hurt the other students’ feelings.’  Is not a theological institute the place for the free dialogue of belief?

I was kicked out of the program and the building.  It was a total surprise. Just a few hours earlier the director, Gina Rose told me my work was excellent.

I was kicked out after lunch the last day of class time. I was met at the door of the chapel and told I would not be allowed to complete the module or enter the building.

I asked what I had done. What in the world is going on!  I was told: ‘there you go, this shows you do not know what is going on.’ She told me to stand where I was, went into the building and brought out my handbag and coffee. All she said was, ‘please drive carefully.’ I suppose she thought I would fall apart emotionally!  How could I serve as a spiritual leader to those in times of crisis if I fell apart?  She offered me a HUG!  I stepped back and said no thanks. Offering a hug after being thrown out of her school was both not professional and ecclesiastical.

This action was a total surprise.  I was thrown out of the class and the school with no explanation other than I hurt classmates’ feelings.  There was no word about what I did or to whom I had done what. Is this how they run this school?

Was Gina Rose talking about the woman who on the second day in class pointed a finger directly at me shouting, ‘You are lucky that I am not in fighting mood today’.  I felt she was going to jump out of her seat and attack me.  I had said nothing to this verbal attacker nor had I been talking about her to the instructor.  I was surprised that the instructor did or said nothing. Chaplaincy Institute training must include training to deal with difficulties between people.  There was no appropriate action about the unusual outburst.


During my interview, I was informed that I must reform myself from the outside in.

There was no comment about my inner spirituality that brought me to the interview and the life of service to those in need of spiritual support.  She told me I was very bright and this would be a detriment! She said, ‘you have an impressive resume.’ I said I just need a simple credential to work with the returning vets.  These sorts of comments would never happen at a certified university or the Graduate Theological Union

My own eyeglasses were unacceptable therefore; I went immediately out and bought a pair exactly to her specification at a cost of over 700 dollars.

I was told to get new underwear (to be sexy on the inside), and other inappropriate comments about my appearance.  The quality suit I wore at this interview was called, ‘too light’, though it was a neutral beige.

A phone message arrived to my funding agency, not to me, with the same strange explanation left on the answering machine. I have not received a phone or written message.  This is slanderous wacky behavior and I must work to stop this.

‘By their deeds shall you know them,’ the parables and instructions for the community in Matthew, 11:28


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