Rewiring the System

You Are an Etruscan Charioteer

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on July 31, 2009

We all want things to be different but we do not want anything to change.

You are an Etruscan Charioteer with the reins for eight horses between your fingers.  What an image!  Every one of the horses held here has a name and is pulling you away from where you are in this moment.  It is doing this with the strength of its accumulated weight in a body built of time by your focus on its issue.  How many horses do you have running around in your head?

Just taking a second to see you in this way breaks the stride of the foaming heated horses.  See yourself with the many unnamable pulls and stresses in the shape of horses gives you an image of how you are moving along right now where your body and mind might be going in different cycles and directions.  You just woke up to the definition of neurotic!   Some piles of pounding construction of the past are pulling into some clouds of what you imagine will be the future.  The future is not determined


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