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So What

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on August 5, 2009

I stored my records  as well as books and furniture with a person I thought was trustworthy beyond reproach but found I had turned my things completely out of reach, no longer available and the two of us just beyond communication.  There are a few things I sorely miss.  The You Tube link to ‘So What’ is one. That reminds me of buying the original record and using it as a productivity energizer for household tasks like washing floors and getting a tan on the third floor roof while reading science fiction. So heal tapping goodness!   I bought this album the year it came out! How Hip Am I?

I know every change  of every riff in my bones.  I painted the small pictures for my first big one person show at the Art Alliance in Philadelphia’s Rittenhouse Square on the cover. The cover has color flicks from painting the background on the series,’Levittown Rome’.   The faces are centered in a frame of pink and such! I got an email last week from Cheryl, what a surprise. I was beyond words.  What can I say?  I am asking for respect.  Cheryl and Dan send my things back to me.

On the wings of Miles and Coltrane my heart cries for the respect that Ms. Franklin sang for the next generation.  I am The Coltrane Generation with all the Beat Poets.  I was 9 when I traveled with the 16 year old group in my neighborhood.  What an interesting life being precocious brings to meet my feet!  Never  a thought of Get Out Of My Way, SO WHAT!

Live Video from April 1959 of Miles Davis and John Coltrane performing “So What.” From Miles Davis’ album, “Kind Of Blue.”

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