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Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on August 6, 2009

Women in Astronomy and Space Science 2009:
Meeting the Challenges of an Increasingly Diverse Workforce
Oct 21-23, 2009, College Park, MD

Let’s see if they have childcare support…yes! who is going to have enough clout to change the paradigm as society moves into the age of the woman. paternalism be gone! not the men but the attitude that denies the continuation of the human race. in m y past events I was the only one who thought enough of my child as a seed for the future to bring her along to almost everything. she has skills and style and energy build on those experiences. I remember all those 26 years ago when most woman went into the toilet stall to breast feed. with some trepidations I did not as I felt that the scent of urine would be connected to the nurturing and choose the great out doors. now you cannot find a woman going into the bathroom to feed their child.

perhaps you can by your actions at this conference nurture change just by doing it as you wish and getting full payment for the childcare. You Are Wanted at this conference!


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