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Julia, My Heart Throb

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on August 9, 2009
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I went to see ‘the film’ today. I choose to go in the late afternoon with a girlfriend.  She had never had the Art of French Cooking book so it had not transformed her life.  There are those who do not understand the power of fine recipes and the draw of fresh sweet butter!

I got the book shortly after it came out and tried everything. I never had a successful soufflé, as did the young character in the film.  I saw the golden brown puff come out of the oven on the screen and marveled at the height and perfection of that creation. I tried and tried to make it over and over with the chemists exacting measurements yet did not succeed! I was very moved by the film. I cried quietly, the tears flowed down both my cheeks the entire last third of the film.

Love, lust, and fine food go hand in hand.  I long for a man who will adore me enough to make me so much more than I would ever be without him in the way that Julia’s husband did.  He said that she was the butter on his bread!  Their Desire is being filled until they burst with joy! You and I are together into a cacophony of sound and taste as well as the core meaning of being alive! Julia said Bring It On!

McCarthyism broke the career possibilities of her husband.  She stood by him and included him into her fast track forward movement of making a huge mark on society as well as those who live to eat beautifully.  Be ‘Mine’ in every way possible!

Most people I know are so very self-centered that they only think about their needs and desires as if that other person facing them will do what they want and say. That is the only way of living they understand.  How can they understand this movie?  It is a trial being with my circle.  I feel no connection with the terminally My Me, Me, Me, Mine.  It is coming back to me …. The hauntingly truthful melody of that Beatles song…

Society has not moved very far from being stuck back as in those days in the late 1960 when that song came out.  Gosh, this movie struck a whole bunch of deeply set cords in my heart.  Hear shifting of societal breath breathing out this creative movie on the strings in my soul!

I love to cook. Julia Child assisted me in becoming a fine cook. I got a job as a prep chef at a French restaurant then I went on to write my own recipes for a newspaper for nine years.  People looked forward to my column and my editor loved me. Long Live Carl Dahlgren! Such was the inspiration of this woman, her joy in cooking, and the books she produced. I had them all and a hundred other cookery books when I had a library in the east coast house.

So… right after the movie, I went to an upscale grocery in Piedmont with my heart smiling and bought an authentically wild four ounces of Canadian Salmon.  Just enough Salmon for one person for one meal.  This is the true gourmand tradition of purchasing just enough for one meal so everything is brilliantly fresh!  Salmon is my favorite food, fresh or smoked and sometimes the canned is just the right taste.  I minced the shallot I had in my collection of onion types.  First, lightly browned the fish in fine sweet butter. Add the shallot and a tablespoon or more of chopped tarragon, stirred in the juice of a Meyers lemon then two dashes of Newman’s Own Balsamic vinegar… another tablespoon butter to finish the sauce off and served the sauté fish with angel hair pasta and this delightful light French sauce and a sprinkle of well aged parmesan.

My enduring respect to the Icon of Cookery, I saluted her by eating beautifully prepared food. Though, I have been eating by myself for a long time tonight I felt connected to all the admirers of The Great Julia.  The film comes together at the end by the characters making my actual favorite recipe in the book.  In the years when we celebrated the Super Bowl in the Philadelphia house, I produced this invention in the shape of a football.  I remember the face and eyes of one guest, Anne Banana, while she watched my preparations. She said ‘why would I go into such a time consuming activity?’ How would she understand if she asked the question? I did it for the love of fine food well prepared so it will carry my love into the  diners digestion process.

I very much liked the current 2002 storyline about the other woman who set out to cook every recipe in the Art of French Cooking.  Hats off to the well-combined stories.  Great film, I will see it again.


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