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Meditation: Step ONE, Relax

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So, You Say You Want To Meditate!

You sit up straight.  Somehow, sitting up and the tone of voice you remember involves some suffering, some tightening of your shoulders and uncomfortable lower back and shoulder strain.  You associate sitting up, getting ready and waiting for some difficulty to ensue, which you have to girder yourself to withstand.  (Girder, A principal beam of wood, steel, supporting the ends of joists.) Sitting up does not involve becoming concrete like in form or structure.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.  Your comfort is most important to your breathing.

Sit as is most comfortable to you, on a chair or on the floor, in such a way that the flow of {electrically charged} surging breath flows evenly. Your ribs and neck are in a position with no bends in the path.

How to hold your back straight?

The spine is just like a copper wire.  It needs to be uncoiled from the source to the lamp.  The creases and folds will break the easy flow of energy. Our spine needs to fit one bony section aligned with the one above and the one below, all the sections aligned in a column.  The pulse of electrons flowing through a wire are like the flow of ‘thought’ electrons flowing up and down your spine throughout the body as you sit and breathe.

What is the point of sitting still?

Being still is a way to stop long enough to feel, see and hear what is going on inside you. It is going to the brain gym. Exercise for the operating system and you are born with the manual.  It is not the ‘mind’ gym yet. You start to work on the wiring and the hard ware before you can see information coming and going.  Brain and mind are two different construction sites along the roads of thought.

How do you know if your body is relaxed?

Where is the tension?  Your muscles ‘have’ nerves traveling in and around them.  They hold the muscles in reflex often unbeknownst to our conscious mind.  It is a different kind of internal stress, a sort of isometric hold on your body.  This is the first hurdle toward sitting still comfortably.  Face it; your muscles hold your bodily attention in struts constructed of processing stress product congregating into a kind of stiffness. The processing directive pumps chemicals from the head office constantly. There are 85 electrical impulses every second, which we register in different ways in the many different body parts. You wonder what the ‘out of body’ experience is.  Well ‘It’ is when your entire self, body, brain, and mind are totally relaxed.  I mean totally relaxed and not the everyday sort of ‘very’ relaxed you are after a great organism. What an experience.  No wonder this or that person who experienced this directly as an individual, starts a group to tell their story. People love to tell their great story! ‘Wow, I just have to tell you about the ‘transmission’ I had today. I know you will want to have it too!’  Some of the people who have groups think that they have the WAY! They have the one and only way.  It is their story that demands a leap of faith, which gives none of the baby steps used toward that goal, in a simple process people on their own can replicate.

Sex is good for relaxation. Men who have regular sex live 8 to 10 years longer than those who deprive themselves for the myriad of puritanical reasons.

Let us start by sitting up straight as though our spine is a pile of gold doubloons, those golden coins sought after buried pirates’ treasure. How can you do this if you are in terrible tension?  The process is one simple step at a time.

Each part of the process can be done separately or alone.

Stand Up

Place you feet approximately under your shoulders with the toes facing forward.  It is important that your toes are all squarely forward and parallel.  This stance places the shins in just the right place for correct support.

Bend your knees ever so slightly and tighten your stomach in such a way that you move your hips in a forward thrust.  This stance is called ‘pelvis neutral’ by physical therapists. Now rock your pelvis up and down, or in and out to loosen the pelvis. Replicate the gyrations that you use when you are intimate with another person. Though now you are fully clothed and doing this to relax the pelvis.  These muscles are perpendicular to the spine.  They support all your inner organs. People who have poor pelvis muscle strength pee when they cough or laugh. Feel your brain focus on the pelvis and continue slowly rocking as you warm the area by movement. Loving attention will relax this area.

In this way, you allow your mind to understand the support you need and can attain for good posture. Now return to the neutral stance. Tightened your tummy and place your heels under your shoulders with your knees ever so slightly bent. You will be sitting on your heels from your coccyx, the last bone of the spinal column, all the way up to your crown. The coccyx consists of five fused vertebrae that all importantly connect with the sacrum which is a part of the pelvis.



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  1. Dennis Lewis said,

    Good piece!

    • thanks. Your blog is wonderful. seems we might be colleagues! I do look forward to some face time and conversation. with respect, ilsa

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