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My Grounded Work As A Spiritual Counselor

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on August 17, 2009
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To be present for the Spiritual dimensions with the family as a whole and person who is in crisis is most important to me.  The end of life in ‘form’ is a door way that no one who has crossed over ever has come back to tell what or where they go. It is a mystery of life that we are mortal. Each one of us has a finite existence in this cycle, which is based on movement and change.

I am born and I am put in swaddling diapers then my cells divide and multiply which makes me grow and change. I can dress myself, listen then gradually talk. This change is gradual so most of us forget that we are changing all the time.  It is this change and changing that makes many feel tight about change.  Our lives catechism with its recitation and reply inhibits our letting go of the form we called by our individual name. We are spiritual beings having a material experience.

My primary focus is to create, in conversation, a quiet container in which to place the private thoughts cobbled together from our experiences combined and pulled along using the environment.  The stuff we each carry with us. There is no ism in our spiritual selves.  The only correctness is felt in our heart and, just like our thoughts and emotions, our heartfelt spiritual self is a symbol and not tactile.

Using the process of contacting the immaterial is always in the style that most agrees with our personality. We reach this simple grace, which grows deep within, out of a habit of listening to our own heart.  We wonder who we are and why we have the experiences, we each have as we go through each day. So many people do not understand how to be happy and what to do when we are happy. Everything is easier if you are breathing fully in goodness and breathing out the stuff not worth worrying about!

I want to be a member of a palliative care team.  I have private clients by word of mouth from one person I cared for who tells their friends. This word of mouth is lovely and soft for the client since there is such respect, grace and quiet in the conversations.  It is especially helpful over lunch or on a walk while talking and planning.  With one person, a relaxing swim three times a week opened the conversation. Floating in a warm swimming pool just hit the spot and gave the vitality and glowing energy of simple exercise. The process is to build trust. The stability within oneself that arises out of trusting ones inner self will serve to help along the path into whatever lies ahead.

However, I have not had the opportunity to work with others as a member of a palliative care team.   The sort of care including a physician, a nurse, a social worker, a case manager if needed, including a non-denominational chaplain who has studies a large number of religions and spiritual practices. This spiritual counselor will support the level and direction of the one in care.

My lifelong study the various religions; gives me tools, I hope to understand core values of many people. I am trained to be able to walk a common tilled field for people to plant the seeds of conversation.  People in crisis can talk to me about their thoughts, emotions, concerns, and fears about their end of life wonderment in the comfort of their chosen setting.  With a heart-centered space filled with Love and human warmth, the person will feel that we care. Together we will work with understanding of where they, the person we serve, them from within, find their meaning of life.  The initial conversation is one on one. There is no pressure to please and no crowd to built walls or fill the room with conversation.

In the quiet, I as a member of a team, can enter a warm heart, light filled communication and serve in the joining with the infinite. As a team, we can then hold their life as one well lived.

The several persons I counseled privately, I was able to bring in resources for the individual and their ailments to bring them stability and comfort

I serve the soul, the guiding principle, the light in us all, to make this natural part of life be faced with knowledge that you will be comfortable; this conversation becomes easy and liberating as we built trust for the inner side of you.  You want to talk with as someone who is tolerant of the true you as an individual in the client or patients tradition of their own choosing.   ‘Attentive Listening’ to your choice is an ability I have to truly listen. Out of this dialogue, create a quiet container through for you to pick out what feels right among my study of the different traditions.

This is a living Truth, working from within us, which will help those in crisis to make up their own minds rather than feeling there is no space within a tradition to include your essence.  There is never a time when a counselor is trying to impose the “right way.” If there are religious questions that need specific rights and attention, I am able to contact the requested individual to the bedside.

So many people die in noisy surroundings it is good to know there is a quiet meditative peaceful way to return to the Light.


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