Rewiring the System


Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on August 23, 2009

Suddenly as though the curtain lifted on the, ‘oh so average’ play today, I looked into the solid presence of rudeness.  It was with crystal clear clarity I saw and felt the particulate deadly serious gnashing teeth and bad breath of the tornado of toughness. Rudeness is everywhere. Rather than any of the many possible choices people can make, one after another, they choose to be a sort of ‘what the F#@* do I care’ kind of walk away before the sentence was finished being squeezed out of my mouth.

This afternoon I sat in a row with two people who profess to like me and watched as they dallianced with destiny. Yea, let’s go out to dinner, the place has salmon, and I turn around and the person who said those words was walking away without so much as an anything, anywhere to anyone. Chicken lily liver in his own life the lack of inner timber is evident. Hey, after kicking S. out of my life last week I have a new found and well grounded self-assurance. No longer to be a foot wipe again, so as the dinner invitation waltzed by me I, knowing he was slip slidin’ away said simply and clearly, ‘this is rude.’

Later, I am home and on Skype videophone with a friend, talking the spiritual intersection and how to work without tearing a knot of tar, there is a soft knock on the door. Yea, it was him.

We are not now, nor will ever be, anything but meditation circle sitters. He knows where I live because we have sat silently together in the past. I am on the phone when he knocks. More than anything, I have no interest in plating his apology. It is not as if I have confusion or a question about this dance.  The other person with us said that this is just the way F. is and she has long just accepted his way of slip slidin’ slithering like a snake in the sand.  Oh dear, why does she accept this behavior?

Some people just allow other bi-peds who have no visible self-control to assert control over them and all sorts of unkindness just to have someone with whom to talk. One woman told me just how long and how lonely she has been and is being now. We are all looking so why bumper car the very closeness we purport to want?

I am looking for people Just Like Me.

I mean nice people.  Kind sweet people who might or might not have a lot going on in their lives but who have a zest for living and delight in warm relations. The ‘someone’s’ who are caring, empathetic, and sane with time to smell the flowers. How many walking wounded are looking for people of all genders who want to attend live concerts of great music and theater and film as well as a walk in the park or along the water’s edge to talk or be silent together. Fake smiles and worse is what are tolerated just for contact.

Just Like Me Just Like Me Just Like Me

When I am rude, I do it with intention. I might want to make a point. This is not a general mode of operation.

I sometimes attend a circle where the hosts are a hoot and a half of controlling energy. Not a conversation or any movement is not fenced in by the tyrannical throat clearing done under dangling cobwebs and a layer of dust enough to clog my lungs for days. None of the people I have brought to this event ever want to return. How come? Why do I go back? I am starting to feel like it is self-abuse.

I am searching for a lesson here. I know people in positions of power who are tightly wound and make sure you apologize to them for any word they think is inadmissible to their ears. I know people who have the next sentence they want to say before you are a quarter of the way finished speaking your first thought. I often feel like I am being strangled by my words, air and energy, being forced back into my throat when in dialogue with them. It is verbal sparring of the lowest sort, form but no information.  RUDE

Are these the actions of the demise of society in general?  Society made up of walking boxes with eyebrows fenced in by their own inability to be civil and talk simply. What does it feel like inside of a rude persons head?

I come out of the theater during intermission and say softly and simply, “would you please move away from the opened door as the smoke from your cigarettes’ is filling the hall and stage area with smoke. I do not mention that second hand smoke is deadly to everyone and more so to those with diminished lung activity. The man starts to yell at me! I just was not going to allow him to be top dog. What a marvel, a person smoking is just one person yet he and his company have no regard for the laws of the city which asks that no smoking is done within 25 feet of an entrance.  The hallway was stinking with stale nicotine!  Smokers have a painful death process.

I see a way I behave.  What choices have you made today?  One woman told me Friday evening that I was just too kind. People do not understand that kindness. I am naïve. I am told that I am not getting the facts. I am not being understood because I am caring of all my relations. But, do I ever want to be understood by the Rude Crew?

With Life Expectancy has risen to a new high, this year standing at nearly 78 years.  We had better get a grip and put a stop to the off-handed Rudeness. Because we will be in this anti health and anti social pattern so many more years. The increase in life expectancy is due mainly to falling death rates in almost all the leading causes of death. We are creating or allowing the hell on earth that so many evangelists predicted.

The offhanded nasty comment and the blatant devilishness cannot be the way of manners of the twenty-first century.   Heart disease and cancer both caused by stresses compiled by living in a rude society together are nearly half of U.S. fatalities. Grim effects of bumping blabber jabber crude and rude living. Grim reaper taking our very life out of us one rude word at a time.

Do a little dance, say three times: Just Like Me, Just Like Me, Just Like Me.


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