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Comments and Conversation about Circumcison

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on August 27, 2009
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Ain’t nothing simple anymore.  This 21st C. must address our world out of balance.    Circumcision is definitely on the rise as a “prevention”.  It is already a norm in Africa. This involves religious principles, social and cultural attitudes.
It is not my intention to make people uncomfortable to the point of leaving the entire blog. I would not be happy with that.  Everything is in dramatic flux in my life. My core is settling as I see the swirls spin around.

I was very, very grateful for the information. I found absolutely no offense by it. If we had found something amazing about our hearts or ears or other organs, this would have been exciting and wonderful information. People need to grow up and get over the fact that we have bodies. It would have been simple to just hit the delete button on this email and choose NOT to be ‘offended’.

I have been thinking about how to advise new parents about circumcision to this point I have done a lot of research. do any of you advise new parents?  having more information is always better than less information. medical information was hidden in the 1950’s and people were harmed and died.

Response to your post on circumcision :
I ask this in all sincerity…  Could this (circumcision) be a (“a” not “the”)  root cause of the sexual ills of our time (personally, medically, and socially/publicly),,,???    Males and females alike…  Now I’m curious to go to the bible and search out the origins of this practice (having already searched the CIRP site which provides information re. the claims made).  There may have been legitimate reason for this directive, like not eating pork–“unclean” (indeed! pork worms can cause trichinosis!)–and it simply never became revised as we evolved through the years, developing new knowledge, skills. etc.  We seem at a high point at this present time in history, expanding our brains and personal sensitivities to many aspects of life…  Yet we can still fail to re-evaluate  those less-visible-though-familiar areas of our lives where we are tightly holding on to long-accepted practices, rituals, personal knottings, etc. that are no longer relevant in the context of our newer awarenesses.  Truthfully, this shocks me–to consider that this information (re. circumcision) has been around for some time now, apparently, yet is largely un-disemminated.  My shock over this could be but a kernel of what might be so in others.  I choose to hold intention for the presence of the Field’s Light, Love and Inner Gracing as this information is taken in–in whatever manner–by each one who reads.  I’d say this matter runs much deeper that who’s “right” and who’s “wrong” about whether males should be/not be circumsized…  We are each committed to a Higher Purpose.  Who knows how this Purpose may choose to act through us?
Circumcision was set up all those 500 years ago so that the old guys could control the next generations.  If I had had a boy child I had arranged NOT to do this barbarous thing to the fruit of my loins. My then husband agreed.  It is a new world and we are the people to bring the best possible to the ever changing horizon.

I actually thought in the spirit of the paradigm change that people on this list might want to know about this as part of the entering feminine. It is part of a larger conversation on my blog. I actually thought this was good information and valuable for this blog.

Routine circumcision is under consideration in the same way that female removal is under consideration

I believe that this blog  is  to help us become who and what we really are. We are beings that have penises and vaginas and we live with those who also have penises and vaginas. As a mother to three boys and a daughter as well as step-mother to two more boys and two girls and a new grandma, I believe that the topic of male mutilation and penis reduction is quite important and has been brushed under the ‘religiousity’ and ‘societal norm’ rug for quite some time. We are rightly offended at the thought of little girls (and women) having their clitoris removed, genitals mutilated or sewn up, enduring breast ironing and other atrocities, and yet we are offended by information showing an intact un-mutilated penis and the concern about baby boy mutilation. I am more offended that we have been tying those baby boys down at a few days old and without any anesthesia (and only by request now) literally rip their foreskin away from a most tender and sensitive organ leaving it bleeding, open and vulnerable.
The real offense may be the small mindedness in asking if ‘anything goes’ is the new catchword. I believe that ‘anything goes’ has been the catchword regarding male genital mutilation for centuries now. I sincerely hope that this nation can live within their ‘boundaries’. I may sound harsh, but it is nothing compared with what most baby boys have had to endure, and what most American men are deprived of, not to mention the effects it must be having on the wiring of the brain.
Medical information continues to be hidden today if the bottom line or someone’s discomfort is affected. I would love medical information regarding vaccines,  circumcision, ultrasounds, and other procedures to be uncovered and not hidden from the public in the way it is now. People continue to be harmed every day, and we need more information so that we can make better choices and support each other in doing so. It is through information that many of us may be better able to listen to our intuition, our hearts, our souls and all those things time out of mind that we seek. I pray that all our hearts may be opened to a new way of being, a new world and new kinds of social artistry- even if it has to do with genitalia. What are the infinite possibilities that we all may be open to that which furthers humanity and the possible human?
Please continue to privately send me information regarding circumcision and any other topic that may have been hidden in the past and is coming to more light now. Thank you, Ilsa. Best of luck in your endeavors to bring the best possible to our ever changing horizon.

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