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For the longest time I have enjoyed the intersection of science and consciousness.

Destructive Emotions‘, this interesting book, brings a select group of scientists and thinkers, some Buddhists, in conversation to unravel consciousness from the inside the bag of skin view.

We are here in an interesting time and place unraveling consciousness and time. We are inside our skins, which appears to us to separate one from one another, as well as outside the membranous boundary out to the farthest reaches of Infinity things. Like a nerve and its dendrite extensions, we stretch chemically connected to every string or particle flow of energy imaginable. This is a sweet dream at last we dream together. I want to connect from an endless beginning. Not one bang but a series of explosions that are guaranteed to blow my collective mind.  Mind is not brain yet brain is thought to contain mind. Go figure?

What are we really? How can we, as individuals, (as well as a Human family), describe how we think? How can I hug my thought? What is the consciousness who is doing the thinking?  How does it work?

Few thinkers believe in a ‘man like’ super being.  This is a sort of leap out of our minds. Here is a leap of faith that is impossible to prove.

It is a belief like which model of which brand of car is best? I like a small fast car though at this time I have a solid putt putt 4 cylinder family type vehicle. I would never drive a SUV.

This is our common sort of thinking, which most people go through in doing their search for faith.

What suited your style? What confirms your view of things, as they should be? ‘Mirror Mirror on the wall’, asks the hidden wicked side of selfish self hood. What will support myself image with no new effort, no need for change.

For Me, Myself and I, you can find my bag of self-contained in a skin attending a ‘house of worship’ for the social contact. I attend a variety of types of ‘belief’ and enjoy a variety of personality types as they believe together. I have a member’s nametag at almost a dozen places vying for my time on any given Sunday. I have yet to meet people who I have developed a friendship past that august divine threshold.

Lately I find more ‘social pleasure’ with people I meet in scientist-based organizations. Especially the Long Now Foundation and the group at the Stanford Research Institute, (Check out their websites).

Jill Bolte Taylor, in her effort to share her ‘stroke of insight’, says that we are water bags barely though fairly separated from the forms in our environment. (A doctor I know says that JBT implies in her book, that anyone can, with enough effort, make a complete recovery.  We know that it is not by effort alone by which we manage to emerge from difficulty).

The material world is coded by the left linear hemisphere which gives us seconds and seconds of modules as containers and boundaries from truth, which we hold to be self-evident.

Most of the people close to me, I know do not believe in any supreme being with a temper and a social disorder. Where do we go to find our individual contact with the immaterial? (I just have to get away long enough to finish my book! Start by sitting up and breathing all the way to the bottom tips of your lungs.)

Through an intimate connection with our orgasmic finale currently seems to be our best way of imagining contact with timelessness. Friction brings sensation, which catapults us into the time-less state for seemingly an eternity. Organism is so delightfully wonderfully good and must be repeated to connect with each one of us to this most sought after experience.

What if there is a way to have your cake and eat it too? Together in the continuing flow of things and actions in what is now called time we can have it all. Touch the flow and create a disturbance as pleasure! Many of my friends who dance in the rhythm of physics know in their bones that ‘time’ is a consensual habit. It is the mass psychosis we agree to allow. Moreover, absolutely everyone wants to agree on something.

Humans agree that time is real and we are solid. Slowly the tip of the true truth is emerging. Some get it and others use the language to talk. We hope as conversation about the mists coalescing in the vagaries in the gray matter between the ears seeps into evaporation of solidness and we slide into the matrix.

The matrix is a closet with hangers holding cloudbursts. Artists have not begun to advertise the beauty of more than three or four dimensions, but this beauty is coming, you can taste it!

We are the people and this is our turn to flip consciousness and save our solid hard hit planet from the materialistic illusion. Take whatever beginners’ baby step you trust and are comfortable taking. Walk with confidence as you courageously move into the new world order. Beauty is Peace. Here is a taste from a wonderful article in a truly interesting magazine. Some magical someone will send me a subscription soon!

Beyond Space and Time: Fractals, Hyperspace and more

  • 26 August 2009
  • Magazine issue 2723. Subscribe and get 4 free issues.

We don’t have any trouble coping with three dimensions – or four at a pinch. The 3D world of solid objects and limitless space is something we accept with scarcely a second thought. Time, the fourth dimension, gets a little trickier. But it’s when we start to explore worlds that embody more – or indeed fewer – dimensions that things get really tough.

These exotic worlds might be daunting, but they matter. String theory, our best guess yet at a theory of everything, doesn’t seem to work with fewer than 10 dimensions. Some strange and useful properties of solids, such as superconductivity, are best explained using theories in two, one or even no dimensions at all. Prepare your mind for boggling as we explore the how, why and where of dimensions, starting with possibly the trickiest question of all (see below)…

0D: On the dot

1D: Walk the line

1½D: Fractal landscapes

2D: Vistas of flatland

3D: We’re here because we’re here?

4D: Time, the great deceiver

5D: Into the unseen

6D: Two-timing

8D: Surfer’s paradise

10D: String country


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