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A Big inning Conversation: The Golden Rule

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on September 11, 2009

The Golden Rule, Part One

I started my day today by reading  the ancient true stories that pepper the King James Bible.  I have a pamphlet circulated by The Temple of the People.

I believe that the Truth about living well and in peace is older than the 2 thousand year old literature.

The Golden Rule is the seed truth in all the major faith traditions. Somewhere I have a book, somewhere on my book shelf, with all the many ways this energetic law was worded in all the tribal cultural languages that people our globe.

This is as active as the electrical current which travels from the generators through the wires into our homes turning on the lights. In this exact way the energy of cause and the effects create our lives which we are now questioning.  Why, for instance, do bad things happen to good people?  How come, you wonder, why the extremely selfish prosper? Causes are the actions, polished by the hot or cold emotions  which generate words and other forms of movement. Every movement elicits a reaction which are called effects.

Shakespeare:  A young woman labeling a man she likes, describes him ‘as very probable’.( Elizabethan English). The seeded planting of the word ‘probable’  that this man is trustworthy. Probability means trust worthy. It is used as the concept  which people need to build a connection for a woman to be interested in a man.

It is a horse race or a stock option or the outcome in time and space, the guesstimate of things as they are and will become.

Would you want to gamble on the person with whom you will share your affections and build a home?


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