Rewiring the System

And HE Appeared

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I was thinking of the Vidyadhara’s ( Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche,
Shambhala Buddhist Linage) statement that, ” we do not, should not, give up on anybody,” and then came across this quotation. How sad it is that we give up on people who are just like us. ~Mr. Rogers

Parashat Nitzavim/Vayelech,   and HE appeared

An apparition appeared in ancient times and foretold the current crisis. We shall call this appearance ‘HE’.

Abraham and the Three Angels
(engraving by Gustave Doré)

The Genesis story is full of He did this and He did that and all of the ‘He Did’s’ seem as though the HE was a giving up on people.

Abraham has a son with Sara when he is one hundred years old.  He is called Isaac.  Abraham has a son with Hagar and  he is called Ishmael. The woman conceived by the blast of a trumpet. The word Visiting is the event  of the trumpet in the coital act and Remembering is the word used to describe the Birth which is said to have occurred this Friday all those years ago.

To this day the strife of nations supposed to come from seeds of HE as Abraham, continues.

There are doomsday scenes raging in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as a number of countries on both sides of the Muslim linage squabble of Sunni and Shiite.  Again these are all a family conflict whether it is the son or the cousin of the great Mohammad who is the rightful owner of the Truth.

Hagar and Ishmael
Conducted by the archangel Gabriel, Abraham took Hagar and Ishmael into the Arabian desert, and left them at the place where the Kaaba of Mecca was built later on. Imagine being abandoned in a deserted place and that place becomes the most holy of Holy!

Call me Ishmael! cried Ahab to the White Whale. Give me a map and cut me some slacking space!

Truth has many faces and ever face has many facets of forehead and nose with chin and eye sockets deep.  All  facets are intimate parts of the great human construction which is a singularity within the complex of individuals.

This is a week to think PEACE as a real path. That ‘t’ shirt that asks us to make peace happen comes into view.  Now more than ever, more important than in the past, it is the time where we should not and will not give up on anybody.

I have simple stories about how people use subterfuge and meanness parading as humor to give up on one another. Why do I still try? Duh!

I sent out an exploration email in the hopes of writing or talking with a person who never calls me and never replies to my emails. What ever is the reason for me to bounce my brains off this unbending wall of disinterest?

This person said she sent a ‘funny’ couched email in reply to the list where I posted the request.

I never got that email. Was it ever sent?  Should I care about knowing if it was sent at all?  Should I ever reach out to this person again?  Another person gave them a heads up that I had posted a communication request. I call the first woman sinc e I have called in the past. The last time I called was more than a year ago. She was so very off handed as though her holiness and practice gave her the right to act as though I had no part of her life.  Is she friendly or has she lost touch with herself as she moves and breaths in the three dimensions  moving within time.

I guess her wish will come true. I do not want to connect again.   Anyhow she gave me a certain window in her world of when I could arrive. The only reason she answered the phone is  since her son wants to attend an event that is hard to get tickets.  I guess she thought I could get or did have tickets, but alas the latter was not true. If I am sent a set of tickets should I let her know?

I sent her an email with the address where she could, on her own, with a little effort and with her own stamp proceed to acquire the ticket or tickets.

I know that she has given up on me. She is a follower of the

Chögyam Trungpa
Religion Buddhism
School Vajrayana
Lineage Karma Kagyu and Nyingma

People practice religion or theology in many forms yet do not love themselves enough to leave no man behind. This friend is from the dusty reaches of my past.  We have lost contact and are out of touch. Perhaps she is nervous since she told me that I could not be around when she was doing a certain Buddhist practice. I felt from the tone of her voice that she assumed I wanted to be included … Why would I want to be part of a specialized practice when I have the whole world as my practice.  Blind to the truth, she was there when our paths crossed eight or more years ago.  She is an island looking inward. I wish her well.

We need to Love Ourselves

Love yourself so that you will understand what it takes to love another. If you cannot or do not love yourself enough to care for your body, mind and heart, then you have no concept of how to care for anyone. Love your self, care for yourself and be kind to yourself now and always. This is how  can make sure you do not leave yourself behind. If you leave yourself behind everyone in your life is by extrapolation left behind . Atta girl sort of way!

The bible makes interesting reading. As well as being a dramatic literary reason  it is evident that the god of the bible must be twisted.  It was written by men hundred or hundreds of years after the supposed events by emotional people to give power to their uncouth side.  Bad men wrote this book and it seethes with emotional impropriety.  Sure one could say that it is a story of a historical past though this sketchy behavior is working out  no matter where it is based. This story is part of the right now, in this twenty first century. Man killing man and many people in the name of a superior being is not holy. People know enough to kill one another but not enough to live in peace and care for the family and the family of man and all beings.

Emily Dickinson.

Poem 504 (You know that Portrait in the Moon —)

Poem 1317 (Abraham to kill him —). Circa 1874. In The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson. Edited by Thomas H. Johnson, 245, 571–72. New York: Little, Brown & Co., 1960. ISBN 0-316-18414-4.

We do not, should not, give up on anybody. Love is all there is plus the crap that inhibits the free flow.

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