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Being a Good Person

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on September 13, 2009
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Just trying to be a good person, that is how we want to live. Being a good person to yourself and all the others, you encounter. Be a good person when you remember the number of galaxies with all the possible inhabitable globes. Be a good person when you remember that our solar system is in a far out left arm of our home galaxy!

At times, our lives or jobs make it hard to be a good and caring person.

This evening I watched ‘Point of View’ a PBS show. Tonight’s volume was about The English Surgeon who traveled back and forth to the Ukraine for fifteen years. He devoted himself to do difficult surgeries, teach and share his expertise with a head neurosurgeon there. The task of brain surgery is difficult because a good outcome is so very rare.  It is hard work to give hope to terminally ill people. For many of the tumors, injuries, and illnesses, there are no treatments that will change the outcome.  It might prolong a life for a time in the less good cases. In the most difficult illnesses, attention will be vastly invasive and will not bring healing.

The show was deeply moving. I was touched by the caring behavior of both doctors. The dialogue between them about the smallest details made a big impact. Medicine and bedside manners are not a common combination. How they went about breaking bad news to the patient grabbed my attention.  It was tender rather than maudlin.

Brain biology was a hobby of mine for many years. That is why I wanted to watch this show with film of surgeries in progress. From the 1970’s I found that my circle of friends were involved in research in a few different facets of the brain and the nervous system. Thinking of the adrenals as though they were sending the Nina, Pinto, and the Santa Maria like Columbus as he embarked on the New World excited me.  Biology, chemistry and physics were and are an important motivating interest.

Understanding the chemistry of actions and reactions is what first drew me to neuroscience.  There are centers of the brain that function to bring effects into everyday life, which are chemical reactions. So many people loose themselves in emotional responses that would be less of an over whelming response and effect if the inner function was better understood.

I am one of the lucky ones who survived a surgical invasion. One way or the other and with the help of people who were and are trying to be good people, I have managed to live and interesting life.

I believe in luck. I am lucky and my living well is the product of grace. I am doing good to have good happen to me. I have gratitude and respect for every effort shared by the many hearts and hands who have given me a chance to thrive.  From the beginning, my surgeon cared for me as though I was a member of his family. His loving attention and the great gift of the Netter Books set me on a path of striving for recovery. I got a great room with the best attention of nurses and staff.

All those years of meditation and spiritual inquiry prior to the event while praying and caring for the leaders of all the nations as well as all the inhabitants of Earth gives me a sense of belonging to the human race.

I believe that the combination of a good doctor who found a way to remove the diseased parts and my basic breathing meditation created a healing field.  Mental self-control of some sort is vital when having an out of control situation.

I recommend just sitting still and listening to your brain quiet down for 10 minutes every morning before you begin your day.  Put your feet on the floor and drink eight or more ounces of water that you have set aside the night before.  Perhaps you will get up and go to the bathroom or not as is your situation. Put your feet flat on the floor and sit on the edge of the bed. If you can tighten, your tummy to bring the floor of your pelvis into a neutral position you will not get tired of sitting straight. Place your elbows under your shoulders more towards your back.  Just this simple effort when done regularly brings a pattern to your life that can be relied on in times of crisis.


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