Rewiring the System

Maybe Later

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on October 4, 2009

When I moved to California a few years ago, I was ill prepared for the interpersonal climate.  I am a woman of my word, when I say yes I mean yes and I give the word NO respect too.  This allows others to know who you are and where you stand.  At least where I am and what is happening in my mind. So rather than have a real authentic relationship built with integrity, I feel this is the flake capitol  of the Earth. People are mean too.  What is in it for me it the prime theme…  Pushy in all the wrong times and foggy when something more solid is needed, what can I say the temperature hooked me with ‘It’s another beautiful sunny day here’. I seem stuck in the warmer temperate zone.   If I want to have a real conversation I have to call any one of my friends from my east coast days. Even those people here who have ,at one time or another ,saved my life, do not really connect.  Like I sent a ticket to one person two weeks ago and not only do I not know if they arrived I have no idea if the event was enjoyed.  Yea, She will call me Maybe Later.  I might as well like it or lump it.  How do people build circles of caring.  What about doing things together?  Hey want to go see the new Michael Moore Movie?  HUH?  Oh yea, Maybe Later…

Today I discovered the real language of California Communication: Maybe Later… The Hip Urban Speak. I get a snip of Urban slang every day in an email so I can make heads out of the trailing of sounds that have hit my ears yet have not transported their meaning to my east coast brain.

Tomorrow morning I am meeting a person who was born and raised in California.  I have the short hairs static with wonder.  Will our conversation make any sense?  I will be my self but quiet to give space for each sentence to do its precise dance.

Earlier today I got caught up in a conversation that used up time I would have done practical things.  I was enthralled with the precision each word was chosen and the metered emotional responses.  I sat there just wanting to have some fun in the sun.  More later, Yea Maybe Later…

maybe later a slightly less (or more) dick way of saying “no fucking way.” Like I ask: “Hey man wanna come over later and catch Saturday Night Live?
“Maybe later.”


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