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Exploring a Corner of My World

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on October 17, 2009
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Explore, investigate, expound, and enjoy the zest of life is what I am doing on this earth, at this time, in this body.  I construct my life in an artistic form and tell you the stories. I get to water this blossoming seed with my passions with the obsession while using all my senses. I am bursting with creative energy and ideas. For all the years I have walked and talked, I have remained hidden behind a shifting gray curtain shading my light from so many hearts. Simply fantastic!

Last week I walked around the despairing fenced in houses of West Oakland with my daughter.  Here the grayness is lifting. It is a slow cumbersome intersection between the past where no one counted and the now where only the counters see a lift.  Here the residents’ breath in soot diesel particulate levels five times greater than any other parts of Oakland and 90 times greater than all the rest of California. This is the poorest neighborhood in the entire bay area where more than half of the people living here earn less than 25,000 dollars a year. Just down the block, a medium painted placard marks the dead end street that doubles as a Government Clean-up Site. Aside from the pollution spread by the cars and tires on the freeway, this spot is where the most horrible effluents of our modern world are in storage piles. Death cuts the quiet with three siren rings, pause, three rings, and again siren bells intone the dark possibility just around the corner.

Nighttime is not the right time to go out walking here if you are not street smart. Frenzy and possible collapse awaits those who are not knowledgeable of life’s little survival skills.  There are finer gems hiding between houses and empty lots. Bring your fresh eyes.  Some bamboo lined large lots shelter creative artists where sculptures might emerge at any moment. Across the narrow street is an amazing ultra large garage type closure framed in a maroon reddish ribbon in the same wide corduroy corrugated construction as the massive squarest building. It spoke in a deep base voice of the creativity inside. All the action is inside in easy to understand single step sitting down on the corner.

Now the neighborhood has colorful coffee shops with little walk to one ‘live-work’ restaurant, which serves delicious sandwiches lovingly prepared for locals and visitors. Just a doorway, this eatery will transform this community.

So much is in flux but you can still feel the sizzle on your nervous system because of the possibility of danger..  The (…Revolution Coffee or Cafe, What a name for the coffee cluttered place?….) is acknowledged as the living room for many people both recent converts and long time residents of this down but not ‘out’ wedge just a highway separation from the Port of Oakland. This morning, 17 October 2009 They had an explosion including an espresso machine surging across the room, putting a hole in the wall, going through a glass window, denting the refrigerator and crashing into a mess.  It happened right before someone opened up in the morning – it could have been super dangerous.  So they are closed for a couple of days right now.


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