Rewiring the System

Spices Bloom on HULU

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on October 21, 2009
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Cause and effect such as If I Run A Red Light The Ticket Will Follow… If I puch a person in the nose I should expect a reaction that is as unpleasant as the punch.

Plant a seed and watch it bloom, it is the action of  forms, particles, and electrical pulses and waves of all sorts moving in space..  More about this soon since Karma is very complex and operates on many levels all at the same time or many times called into action for complex reasons that defy pompous intellectualism from mind based knowledge resources.  Who actually knows how it happens that some people have heart understanding of things as they really are and other sincere striving students work at refining their minds and bodies in an effort to access the warm hearted understanding of the meaning of their own lives to no avail.  If I am not good to myself how can I be good to other beings?  It is clear that ‘Love your neighbor as you Love yourself’ is the secret handshake.  Love is the key for  unlocking then finding the meaning of life and all the forms in this world.

Television is tackling this complex golden warm hearted Gordian Knot:


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