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Each one of us has a creative facet.  Some deny it and feel that they are never quite good enough to think of themselves as creative.  I dip in and out of that mental ditch from time to time.  Perhaps it is the weather that dulls my self worth or it could be that I can see others more clearly or better than I can see myself.  A special person and a good friend sees my scribbles and scratches as good …

This person is Mike Butler and he  is an amazing human being.  He is able to pick people up out of their miasma and dust them off and send the sparkling renewed person out to walk tall and regally remain creative, knowing that a warm hearted  person gave them just the right amount of loving attention to support them as they trudge along the paths of life.

Mike has done this for his community and many out side his hometown as well.  Mike set up a digital art collective and invited creative people to join.  He posts, supports and maintains the site and encourages creative people with this service and his warm authentic smile.

Mike is getting out from behind his computer and hanging an actual show of his art work.  I hope all those who live in the Toronto Canada area or in the lovely town of Ajax will make the time to attend.  If not physically able then do go to the website where you can buy a download or two.  Mike had posted an art gallery link on his site of some of my paintings from the time before I came to the west coast.

You’re invited to a showing of the artwork of

Joanne Addison and Mike Butler.
The Opening reception will be held on Thursday, November 19th, 2009, in the Council Chambers Lobby from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm at Ajax Town Hall,  65 Harwood Ave S, Ajax, Ontario.

Google Maps link

Visit Durham Artists Social Network at:


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