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Un Sure Karma Footing

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on November 24, 2009
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I think there are ways to take on other people’s or more precisely other beings karma. But there is a lot of powerful work that has to be done to be able to do that. And most (though I’m not sure all) teachers seem to think that you must be very accomplished in order to do that.

Perhaps what you are saying is that your figurative loosing of your footing with the director as she was loosing her footing with you, caused you to loose your footing literally later on.

Here  is what we need, an analogy: Karma is the most powerful and secret teaching. First one has to have  a very strong morally and ethically centered MIND residing in ones HEART. It starts with being able to see what is going on in the space in front of you that is not cocooned in a body.  Seeing the thoughts and feelings and amorphous clouds who have a jolly or sinister purpose in being in this place at this time.  It is really tough seeing on the person viewer what people are thinking. I recommend turning that insight or pre knowledge off until soul or heart muscle can press double the weight of you and all your possessions. Then you have to face the truth that karma is like a dandelion seed head with thousands of petals on hundreds of stems or perhaps the image of large wide spiderwebs an eighth of an inch space between all 500 levels and the pink  pin ball goes this way and that way hitting non linear magnetic points willy nilly based on choices one has made over the course of a thousand or more years. The precision is amazing and easy for those who have the long view breathing in and out infinitely flowing with the indigo vitality. Wow what a responsibility. So I study and study in the hopes that with enough practice I might be able to see if it was that or this. Though I did come to the conclusion if I had looked at that dagger-ed eyed director and turned on my toe and left with the soundless step of kitten paws I would not have broken my toe! I like your reasoning. smile. A Smile is something special. Agitate the little gray cells most eloquently!

“Don’t ever get so big or important that you can not hear and listen to every other person.”
-John Coltrane


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