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Irritating Thanksgiving, Ceremony Trumps Harmony

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on November 26, 2009
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Isn’t this the most irritating fashionable feast on earth? Here in the United “States of America people get together in dread of one-another? How often are you feeling ‘Don’t do this or that, don’t say this or that’ in the presence of those who share Turkey with you on this Holy Holiday.

Religious ritual to grin and bear it, hunch over and let the floggings begin.

I have spoken to so many people who are and have been left out of the holiday circle. Just one or two weeks ago, I met a wonderful woman who has spent the last decade of Thanks Giving’s alone. I misplaced her phone number and I feel very sad that I am unable to call her and invite her to have, at the very least, a cup of tea with me.  Imagine all the people who long for conversation and closeness when you are unhappy with the people around your pumpkin pie, crudités and other fixing’s.

This year things happened in my own life that will give me a first ever chance to be alone on Thanksgiving Day. I survey my mixed array of thoughts and emotions about this turn of events.

At first, I was feeling very lonely, like a tossed aside plastic bag in the long scene in the film American Beauty. The bag has natural gift of lift because of the attributes of gravitational pressure of the air on the lone film thin skin of plastic as a container gone adrift.  I admit to feeling glad to be alone yet not glad.

Thanksgiving is about giving ‘thanks’ to the native people along the eastern shore a few hundred years ago when the first boats arrived. It has morphed into an extravaganza of materialism and meanness. Compulsive 4 AM openings of any of the many discount, department or specialty stores you drive to drag out big new stuff that you want rather than need. No simplicity or grace in this.

Is this a holiday of family and feasting or a time of convention and conviction? Do your friends and family gather and slow down and enjoy one another’s company or instead dump all the saved up harsh words and bad news just when you start eating together? What a hoot! I have been there so often. I remember the early years of my marriage when I had to sit through the In-Laws dripping derision.  There was nothing I could do for the in-laws.  They could never see me as I am. So many people have a hard time as I did. All across this country the same story is playing out in house hold after household.

We are the mass murders of 75 to 77 million turkeys.  Most have grown up in cages where they cannot move. This fact makes me sad.   So if you can please buy your turkey from a local farmer or an organic animal that had an easier, nicer life before coming to your table.  Take a moment to be glad you are not alone, be kind to, and ‘love the ones you are with’. I had a massive dust allergy attack, broke my big right toe and tore my meniscus so I am flat in bed for the next two weeks. My daughter went to the east coast to be with people from her past who she really misses and my son in law is going to his fathers. That family my daughter married into does not appreciate me so they have not communicated to me other than when their son brings me along on one of his errands to visit. What a sorry sight is our American Life where standing on ceremony trumps Harmony.


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