Rewiring the System

Delve Deeply

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on December 2, 2009

I long to have people look as they live. Some might say that I write about many subjects as one person said: you are all over the place.  My life is looking to every aspect of the life I am now living. I take time to see the sunset and smell the roses as I strive not to disrupt what ever the path and plan is as I move forward.
I have not written,  in this blog, often because I have had a very bad fall while I was at a resort in Napa 10 days or so ago. Some feel that I should get pain and suffering as well as reimbursing my own insurance coverage.  The security chief offered me two days at the resort to cover the problem of the slippery step underwater. What are the ramifications of that sort of communication?  I ask myself to to figure out what happens if I need surgery?  It is important to scrutinize both possible choices. If you have thoughts about which road I should take in getting a fair service from the resort, please write a comment.
Such a wide variety of subjects under scrutiny. Most of them fail the “Ilsa test” of ordinary reason and careful conduct, much less giving opportunity to delve deeply into basis for deep responsibility that they promise—- keep going!

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