Rewiring the System

Meditate As A Water Buffalo

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on December 5, 2009

I offer a few ideas for those who are frustrated with the week’s ever-present mosh pit:

1. Breath. Breath deeply and slowly. Imagine palm trees in front of you and feel sand between your toes.

2. Watch people as if you were an anthropologist – the colors, the outfits, the faces. Think to yourself, where are they going? Are they the ones cooking? Are they doomed to a table of grumpy stepparents or gleefully awaiting meeting a new niece for the first time? How many dorky cocktails will they have before they sit down to dinner?

3. If you need an escape, head to the nearest 24-hour diner and have your own little moment, whether its a whole greasy meal or just a cup of cocoa. How can we so easily forget just how good hot cocoa is?

4. Pretend you are a water buffalo on the African plains making a yearly migration south and be one with the crowd. Don’t stampede, instead look at all the very many types of shoes people wear for the journey…


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