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‘He’ (My Life Savior) Said Love One Another

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on December 13, 2009
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This evening, a Saturday night in mid December, I knew I would be alone, but …

I came home from my MRI adventure at Kaiser Hospital about 5 o’clock to find my phone blinking merrily. I went to the MRI because my left shoulder is immobilized and painful for even the most limited movement. I smiled when I saw the lights announcing that I had a caller leave a message.  I like to have messages. It means that someone was thinking about me for that moment and dialed my number with something to say.

This message was from a man who literally saved my life more than 10 years ago. Another ‘someone’ attempted to kill me and the detectives said I must get out of the state or the perpetrator would return to finish me off. My Savior Saving Man flew across the country having taken several weeks off of work to help me pack up what I needed to build a new life and drove me into the sun.

We had a great adventure. My savior was tall with healthy dark hair piercing haunting eyes and a kind warm heart. The many places off the regular routes, where we drove, where we drenched our souls with the colors of the many lifestyles that make up our vast country, made us thrilled with happiness to be Americans.  Right from the beginning, we were comfortable together. All our stops for food were delightfully local.  There was one local eatery where all the walls had native taxidermy bagged by the local residents.  The back wall was sparkling clean glass and shelves of all sorts of stuffed animals beautifully arranged in a natural setting. It was very original and not weird or gross or terribly museum like but just a documentation of the local animals arranged with attention to their natural beauty. The tables had red and white checkered oilcloth and the wonderful food was served in red plastic baskets lined in waxed paper.  Every item was delicious! Yummy local recipe, for chicken something, with creamy spicy sauce and perfect fries that would be at home in a fine French restaurant.

All of our stops were colorful and off the main highways. What a wonderful time at all three of the Lincoln landmarks. The most powerful is the log cabin where the future president was both conceived and born finds itself preserved in a gray marble federal building complete with tall Doric columns holding a triangle cornice.  We went deep in caves with the stalactites, stalagmites, and high in the canons with the decorative leaf impressions left from prehistory. We stopped along what are called the Blue Routes and ate where only the locals ate. Often we were looked at askance since these places did no advertising and did not expect strangers.

We stopped at the Navajo reservation where a woman came up to me and said that my Navajo ring was indeed very old. I said thank you for that information. My father who was given it by the Navajo Chief as they had worked out the whispering code in the Second World War had given me that ring I remember the chief giving me, as an infant, still in cloth diapers, a large beefsteak tomato to bite into as I gazed out the great expanse of plane flat land. POW Wow Taste!  I remember it being very much like juice.

I will never forget the Navajo Chiefs’ red brick house with its one room dirt floor. The reservation was a shocking experience to my young heart and mind. Returning to that area with my eyes opened to the massive changes from then to now still left my heart smashed. We walked the Petrified Forest, now a federal park but had just been Bad Lands when I was so very young. Somewhere I had stored some arrowheads from my first steps on that sacred indigenous peoples land.

My saving Man found a nice pace to unite the pleasure of vacation and the action of arrival in time for life to meet us.

My saving man, ‘He’, had not called here to my new home before.  I believe he found my profile probably by accident on LinkedIn. I had no communication with him in more than nine years, though we had sent an email or so back and forth over the last two months.

I had no idea He still thought about me though I have always had a special place in my heart for him. He flew into my crumbling life and whisked me away onto the starting line of the second great act of my journey: There!

Yea, there was no there there, therefore there I had to have a rescue. The great Angelic Energy whispered in his ear and He Listened!

Come back with me to the end of one lifetime and watch as a seed of the next life was planted. Listen to the sound of the end of a long marriage with the documented disintegration of the things any marital union builds and accumulates. Readers, climb out of the junk filled cushioning separating my crushed heart and wrecked spirit from then into my renewed forward process of the journey of my life.

The helping hands of ‘He’ flew into Philadelphia and saved me in my moment of desperate need.

Today, ‘He’ left a message that he would call again. Then he called back.  He said when he got home his daughter and her child and other family members were there decorating cookies he had baked earlier.  His daughter did not want him to be talking on the phone but he had to. ‘He’ just could not explain his recent near death road experience to her and the other assembled. Her mother had died in 2004 and she still missed the closeness and talks and wanted some of that closeness from ‘Him’.

First thing, ‘He’ did, he drank many beers, etc. then called me. That is what he told me. He said he would not be going out again tonight since he would be unable to drive.  He took the phone into his bedroom for privacy and spilled out his experience. I do not believe ‘He’ is afraid of the transition out. This was not about fear, he came to the realization of how suddenly our mortality could collapse. Sudden something separates the stuff from the spirit. swoooosh.

‘He’ wanted to read me a story written in 31 b.c.e. about the risen Christ who walked and talked with one believer and a skeptic after three days and the tomb was found empty.  The story was written before Paul came and codified the liturgy out of which was build the Christianity so many use as a highway to the immaterial.

‘He’ said there were people who in the earliest days of Christs teaching, who told about walking and talking with the risen Christ.

I was thinking, as I listened intently, that form, our body form and all forms are in various boxes, bags and cases of density, as the slug-filled bags of water that we really are. I just listened to his reading.  ‘He’ and I are linked by a ephemeral lighted string of similar beliefs, though in different meanings attached to some words, that there is more to life that the solid forms we call home and possessions.In our conversations the meaning carried the conversation and no misunderstanding occurred from using one particular word. Mother Nature translated his essential meaning to my heart from his lips.

Then ‘He’ tells me the reason he called and the basis for reading the story. It is about spiritual communication of the essence of a person to another or others. ‘He’ believes his spirit should be welcome to my heart.

I guess he wants to make sure that when ‘He’ leaves his body I will be ready to communicate with his infinite essence. I say he has a long time yet to live.  He just feels the shock of his brush with death; the almost becoming toast really shook him to his core. It ignites some inner feeling and resonates the strings of grief sounding from the death of his first wife who is his daughters’ mother. That death happened just five years ago.

He called tonight, to tell me about an auto accident, where a truck, a tanker and various cars slipped and crashed in the dark night. (He looks and understands the darkness is creeping toward you every day of your life!). The impact of the tanker torque on the truck then jumped the center rail and slid forward on the now cleared inward bound side of the road toward my friend. He tells me that he noticed the ongoing accident across the divider seemingly far ahead and far away and started to really slow down more than a hundred yards before the time the truck flew into the air and on to his side of the road.

For some reason, that he could not explain, he was able to drive around the sliding truck and continued down the road to his home.  His guardian Angel fluttered a wing of protection since he has such a life of living with strong spiritual goodness and intent. He is not afraid of the real work with his hands and heart to accomplish in three dimensions what he hears softly in his inner ear and heart. His life was spared!

Moral ambiguity is the hallmark of our 21st century lifestyle. Whatever the reason, he just drove around in the clear road provided for him by the universe. He drove off the road at the next exit and put his car in the direction of home. He knew he had to be home because his heart was filled with all the people who had done something or many things, which gave his life joy and meaning. Impact!

This road experience made him want to communicate with people who meant a lot to him in his life.’ People who had a great impact on his life’, is what he told me was the reason for his call. I had apparently, a great impact on his life all those years ago! He said I was the wisest woman he had ever met! How he could see that under the cover of the insanity woman feel when their married lives crumble? I was quite out of my mind!

He had never been so close to instant death before … He called to tell me lovely things about how he felt about me.  He had to talk and say how much he thought me an Angel.  He asked if ‘he’ could call me Angel. He had to let me know because he ‘might not have much time left.’  He was very freaked out. He wanted to make sure I sent my prayers and best thoughts to his life stream.  He knew I have a special very high heart love for him and would always hold his life in highest regard.

So close to the fast possibility of snuffing it instantly as the ‘man’ He currently called himself.  He read me the story of the risen Christ, since that was the only language he had access for describing his spiritual infinite body, which he hoped would carry his meaning. I hoped he would come and talk with me face to face. He wanted to know I would pray for him after he left. I wonder what will happen next. I want him to live long and prosper.

“Time is a companion on the journey and what we leave behind is not as important as the journey”, Captain Jean Luc Picard, of the Star Ship Enterprise

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