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Scrooge For Understanding KARMA

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Law of Karma

“I understand that men’s deeds lead to certain ends, but if the deeds were to change would not the ends change?” asks Scrooge.

Also, in the movie the ghost of’ Christmas Present’ shows Scrooge the emaciated children of the world that represent Ignorance and Want. [ I guess Aggression didn’t apply, in this case at that time.]

When Scrooge wakes up he acts like people who have a Satori experience. He dances around and sings “I don’t know anything,  I don’t know anything but I know that I don’t know.”

Finally, he decides to stand on his head [more  buddhist] 🙂

This is part of Scrooge’s one-sided discussion with the ‘Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come’,

(one-sided because the ghost does not speak, only points).

If anybody out there hasn’t read  “A Christmas Carol” in a while, it’s worth revisiting. Dickens was a great story-teller, but he was also a social activist in Victorian London, a place and time when it was damn hard to be poor. There is a lot of very sharp social commentary in the story.

The ‘Ghost of Christmas Present’ shows Scrooge his two children, Ignorance and Want (meaning Poverty), and

delivers a thunderous warning about Scrooge’s desire to have them hidden away.

When I think about how things are today, I marvel at how far-seeing Dickens was.

There is also the possibility that one can change one’s karmic imprint, as Scrooge suggests

in the line quoted, and as the story plays out. At this time of year it’s good to consider that change your actions and change your life and the world.

If you don’t feel like reading, there is a great film version of the story with

George C. Scott as Scrooge, made for TV originally in 1984. Netflix has it.


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