Rewiring the System

My Life Is To Use

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on January 8, 2010
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I wish to use my life to create happiness and joy out of the light and love that is our nature.

Verily, by my thoughts I wish to create new life, formless and forms, out of the cosmic dust.  I was pulled together today , drawn out of the bottom and shown an endless expanse of creativity.

I have been injured physically and have been ‘resting’ for several weeks working to heal.

Today I got an early morning request to get a certain item called the Ring of Baha’i for a friend.  It is the key used to go into the next world by the Baha’i faithful. I just got into action and figured out that I had to find a local Baha’i fast.  I contacted the center in Willamette and found a person here in Northern California who met me and gave me the ring! How amazing both that this proceeded like a clock like display of moves not different than in a play.

Somehow I washed and dressed and went to the Nursing home where everything and every important character was in place. I have a great love for the end of life experience.

Life is finite and we are all going to leave our physical construct that has been housing our being-ness. We are mortal beings living in a spiritual flow. Some people actually believe that the body can be made to last very long time. This is a lopsided point of view.  It is like believing in continual childhood.  I for one am glad to no longer be a child. Maturity fits my space and shape.

It is the infinite light that is love in action that continues as an energy force that can be best understood as thought. You cannot hug a thought yet you attest to thoughts being as real as your toes.

My dear friend who has not eaten in twelve days looked with such love into my eyes and heart that I know we are going to have a wonderful journey across the line of form into the joys of the awakening without the rotting body.

I looked at him and realized how fortunate he is that he still has all his marbles and could talk to me about how much gladness my presence brought him and that he would like to be read to while he slipped in and out of wakefulness. i said You are so fortunate to be able to walk with dignity into death!  We smiled at one another.

Though he had his eyes closed, he assured me that he could hear what we in the room were saying. I put my ear close to his mouth to best hear his words.   He had little energy.  He drank water from a straw heartily.

I expressed my joy that he was walking into his future with such clarity. I feel sure he reached this pinnacle due to his diligence and his many years of meditation. He is a real  gentle man practicing right living with kindness and caring for others. Light is Love he said! and moved his head in the affirmative. I am blessed by his living teaching about letting go of the body and facing the light.


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