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‘ISM’ Rant

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on January 12, 2010
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I do not have the time or energy to type my thoughts about this or that ISM,  but you present interesting sections of the process of life at the intersection of TIME and space.
Buddha said that Buddhism is a Boat. He was talking about the 84 thousand sutras and all the termas, vajra secret practices, and all the many myriad deities and their retinue.
We use the boat of Buddhism to cross the river. when we get to the other side we give up the boat and start on the wet steep glass mountain towards understanding and living in positions which are in concert with the great eastern sun and the cosmic fiery breath which WAS Be-ness before the first word.

So all this back and forth about who said what is mute because rather than chat about this we each work to find the practice in our hearts and PRACTICE to our hearts content with a one pointed focus of more than 25 hours with out a single movement or thought. I cannot do that!

I have met the most humble inconspicuous people who posses this ability born of practice. They radiate the light in their hearts with simplicity and grace, with not a taint or touch of personal ego.  Each one is working for the betterment of their fellows while striving to make what part of the world they can change into a lighted place. This is where people flock and are each one served.  One such person is Dr. A. T. Ariyaratne who is working in Sri Lanka.  Look him up on Google and see what the goal of a life lived well is all about…

The constant worry about linage of this religion or section of a religion wastes time and energy that could be used for Practice.
When I was truly destitute and homeless one  religious beginner, who was rather no one special at that time of my great need, in the local ‘organization’  She took me into her home for several years until I was able to fly away on my own.  I owe my sanity and health and my ability to have a now safe life to her kindness.

There was never ever any talk about what linage I belonged to or what I thought about the golden heart of this teacher or his Father, Father-in Law,  Brother, Wife or if I cared about a religion has a religious  Monarchy. Spanish Inquisition was more than Monty Python.

We are all just people doing the best we can.

I like to sit more than twice a day. Last week I met Huston Smith who talked about the five practice times in the Islamic day. I believe we each should make an effort to find a Muslim to talk with about this or her practice.  I met an Imam at the Pacific School of Religion here in Berkeley. After the Huston Smith lecture, I called the Imam to ask about the times and their meanings. The Imam told me that the most orthodox Muslim practices in two different manners, one silent and the other prayer sutras 7 times a day.  I took in the meaning without getting into the conflict between the father and the uncle lineages of Sunni and Shiite.
It is not the path we choose or to tell others why we choose, but the path we actually practice that matters.

Another thing that seems so terrible is the western greetings of Hiya and ‘how are you’ rather than the beautiful variations ‘I see in you of the light of God’. Namasi, Nam Sat, Salaam Alekum, or Shalom…

We are one human family still trapped in the Tower of Babble!
Rock On!  One stone moved at a time away from the threshold of my heart.
It is the music of the spheres and the great possibility for cosmic direct knowledge that VTR worked so hard to orchestrate.
As HHDL says, ‘ Don’t Worry, Be Happy’.


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