Rewiring the System

Creative Conceptual Conjecture, One

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on January 19, 2010
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I remember Len!  He is a tall thin black man who always had a wise comment and a great uplifting smile. He was in my circle of friends. There were many smiling faces around the Parkway Program High School. It was an experiment in education as many school centers without a building. There was Alpha, the first of the lottery selection sites. Beta and Delta followed each as a homeroom sort of site where teachers had a cubbyhole for mail and meetings and the students could mill around and do some bumping into one another as they collect themselves and one another.

Does anyone of the alum’s remember who they were then and appreciate the magic?  Do people leave their high school teen times, and places, like smoke and dissipate?  Is giving up and forgetting as much of the past as one can function as a sanity saving grace? It is all the convenience of grace and imagination, which when I am in the need of grace, helps me to stand when all things want me to lie down. Though my educational roots grew elsewhere, I blossomed in a group that included Richard C. Richard lived in another room with M.H. in our wonderful commune, which we gave the Lenny Bruce banner bonhomie, Bum Fuck Egypt. It was this same Richard is who brought me to the Island of the Red Hood in Hinton West Virginia; Len might have been part of that group.  Poets, patricians, politicos, true and wannabee artists, writers, and antique dealers called Island of the Red Hood home.  They all were involved in being in an out of the way part of the world where drugs and dalliances might flourish in privacy. Those were the days at the dawn of the Age of Aquarius.

I taught painting, English and a class called Creative Conceptual Conjecture… the painting class was in the original tower theater where I saw the Who sitting on the second row of wooden backless benches.  English class met in an office meeting room on the second floor of a fancy pen and stationary store on either Chestnut or Walnut Street and ‘Creative Conceptual Conjecture’ in my studio.  My first studio on the third or first floor walk up on  40 hundred block of Spruce St and then in a bigger place on 42nd St and Samson. Rob took a picture from one of the first days of class.  Way back in memory lane.. There is a facebook group!


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