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Flattery Is A Slave Of Yesterday

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on January 22, 2010
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I have been thinking of the connections people see and feel about other persons. What is it beyond our comfort zone that allows friendships to take hold and blossom? I attended a talk at the Long Now Foundation that ignited my interest in what historic wisdom could tell me about what is attracting and repulsing people to and from one another.

Today I thought about

The five ‘leaders’ have different names in the great wisdom traditions yet they remain the four corners and the middle.

Each tradition has a point that anchors the stories. They might be the guardian angels or the colors of the rainbow but they continue to be ordered around a center, marking the north, south, east, and west.

Yesterday I met a lovely woman who I liked immediately. I have been out of sorts physically and emotionally from sitting around waiting for my toe to knit together after the break. I went to the Y to move around in the safety and support of the gravitational difference of water. A class of water aerobics was forming in the lane where I would walk so I joined the group. I have never done the energetic form of kicks and swings this class practiced.  The large group of mostly woman all seemed to know the moves.  My eyeball guesstiment was about 40 happy people. I slid into the group at the farthest edge where I could see and try the action. I was looking at the one person directly to my left as she delighted doing each step just like the teacher.  Speaking to me, she instinctively knew that I was a beginner and slowed down just enough that I might mirror her steps.  I smiled at her and she spoke. It was not the words that I remember but the quality and timber, which seemed to emanate directly from her heart. I looked at her and thought she is niceeee.

How does this attraction happen?  We exchanged email addys and actually used this information!  She wrote, I wrote! I am excited and looking forward to our meeting and talking about what wonderful things we can do together to make the world a better place and the people happier, healthier and better able to shoulder all the stuff of all our lives.


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