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Today, Yet Again At The ATT Store, Customer Always Comes First, NOT

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on February 6, 2010
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There is nothing they can do for me.

( Customer Always Comes First, NOT!)

Yea Right!  Help me figure out this mess and walk the path to get the government Involved.

A nice salesman told me that!

There is nothing else ATT will do to help you get sservices in your home.

He did some card thing and said he would ‘recalibrate’ my mobile cell triangulation.  This was to let me know that I do not and will not get a booster or any service from their office for me to be able to use my ‘smart phone’. The last 7 months of my service from ATT is complete fraud.  I pay and get vapor and bad mannered conversations. The manager will not let any of the staff ‘help’ me any more.  My calls to ATT tech are dropped in mid conversation. I need a geek buddy to navigate this next intersection of this mess.

What phone and what provider service? I want to send  ATT this Zen Comment!

ZEN Comment:

Quote Of The Day 02.01.10

“This greed anger and ignorance is the key, and that actually pervades all human beings, until its being worked on, the small mind contains, the conditioned mind contains the greed anger and ignorance. And this is what has to be seen through and when this is seen through then you realize that you’re in harmony with your fellow man, and also objects, animate and inanimate objects. That you and them are the same. You wouldn’t want to kill anybody because you’d be killing yourself as well. This is the study and practice of meditation, that you begin realizing this very important aspect, because we’re very good at the other stuff. In fact a whole society and culture is like a conspiracy against the spirit…”

-Jakusho Kwong-Roshi


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