Rewiring the System

Never An Absence Of Butterflies

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on February 7, 2010
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Which part of the root anchors the exchange of dandritic communication with which part of the branch on the tree of life where the Butterfly alights?

Action potential propagation reacts as the electrical energy  emerges in our real life real time facts.  Love is our most important thinking. As I look to meditation as the path of participation in the creation of the life raft to save our human family.

Dynamically Rewiring:  To get us to build more dynamic system.

I have always believed and patterned my information connection while feeling deeply that: Imagination is more important than knowledge: Einstein

The Blue Brain Project applies not only to creating a Star Trek ‘Data,’ but also to understand the direct connections of our striving for balance, poised peace, and clarity in meditation. In many books, scientists have been reading in an effort to define consciousness. The “Artificial Inteligence” community, working to build a computer which works at integrating information in the same globular way as the human brain does. The AI groups are digging into structural aspects that work both in Science and Philosophy.

This intersection of computational imperative and biological fact provides tools which will serve our many unhappy friends as well as ourselves. We are the makers of our brains. This turns out to be a true fact!  Analogue or digital FMRI reflects synaptic activity, not just the zeros and ones! Dendrites process and select the one perception of spacial, temporal pattern, which is the right perception for that time and place. Everything else we think, feel, see, hear, touch, and smell is a creative action just like an animator!

The right information that we chose will allow us to be more efficient in perception. This works as our ‘resting potential’ as we live together and interact. Therefore, we combine perceptions in a tower of one hundred thousand tiny units. Our brain is composed of single widgets stacked in a tower that pump information and filter all input to create a complex of moving forms. The chemistry, after ten years of research, is still focused on one sliver in the tower. We animate and activate what we want to see at any particular moment. This is what makes balance and poise possible.  

I want to inspire you to choose clarity in your everyday activities by understanding the very smallest center of creativity within your own head. The activity within this membrain, filled with chemical juices, is the root of all of our complex world. This tiny widget is the electrical pump of thought. This electrical impulse generates 85 ‘thoughts’ per second. If you do not get to control the ever-moving electrical connections, then you are lost in a multitude of sensations you process every second. Rather than bring us closer, this constant pumping of information pushes us farther apart. When I am responding to my reaction to tastes and feelings, I am animating a boundary that keeps me from being open to what is in front of me. This keeps everybody and everything at a less desirable distance. If you want your way of doing everything and I want only my way, then we cannot unite our human root with our individual branch!

Our different brains build different models of the world. We build our world to have our own individualization and perception, yet we want to integrate with many other individuals.

If you would like more information or clarification on this subject, feel free to send me your questions and/or opinions.


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