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Who Am I?

Who am I? How can I figure out my true Identity?

The simple answer I that I have an conditional nature of myself derived from the external relation to an internal self who is similar: I must be Ilsa since I am the same as Ilsa. This would be called the Zero Difference of who I am and my identity. My inside thoughts feelings and viscera are conditional in relation to all the activities of each part and the intersections of all relations within 500 levels of intersections of time and place the I, or We have been or thought of being or saw, felt or heard the concept of being in relation to the value of our past thoughts, feelings and actions. Value based on the relative balance on the scales of justice that relates to how many people benefited or diminished by your behaviors, those words, feelings sent in subtle vibrations as well as thoughts which generate health or not inside and flow out as actions in its many material levels.

I have a relative identity, which is a conditional nature of Ilsa as completely external. Who I am is defined by the whole structural difference at the same time by the similarity to myself and by the differences. Our human brain is hard wired to be comfortable with 80 to 100 individuals with whom we share the relative identity that insures that we remain robust enough to ensure the continuation of civilization. Authority becomes external mandate of values with resistance to, and without curiosity, imagination, boldness, flexibility/adaptability, humor, compassion and objectivity. This changes our inner knowing to some Mystic Science that is not grounded in our footprint on the path of our life. Our deep inner wisdom is overturned by the external commercial thinking about truth refocused outside the musings of who and what I am in the privacy of the great silence. Carry your thoughts as a small achievement!

I ask myself about my simple survival. Take care of surviving then I have the time to contemplate my purpose on Earth and the meaning of Life as a singularity and as a member of a community.

Self-care is paramount in the process. Do you wash your face lovingly? Your health and general personality is as plain as your appearance of your face and posture. Do you remember to pay special attention to your individual needs? Condition your hair and use a good sunscreen to make sure you will not look frazzled and burnt to a crisp. Take special care of the decoration details, such as making sure you have clean nails and that your toes nails support good walking by not being too long. It has long been understood that the simple acts like polishing a table top until it glistens and is impervious to stains by reason of the layers of fine wax and muscle power. Taking the time to care for the small parts of the tips of your toes until they are comfortable and clean to carry your whole self through the pace of your day is an important step in self knowledge.
Self-care teaches what Leadership is really like, when you are sick and tired of being sick and tired. You must take a up the courage to say the truth of what is inside may be very very wrong

I talked with a young black man about how adults might work to interest his friends in some part of the plight of young black men in this county, state and city. He boldly told me that the friends in his age group do not have the interest to devote time to the issue of their position in society or the question of who they are. He did not feel that he could lead any of his associates toward this conversation until they were ready enough to open the issue and remark about the concern.
Deep racism has made a permanent pulsing anger in Black Men. ‘Who am I’, has not reached the intersection of intellect and heart in a majority of our young citizens. Take up the challenge toward higher understanding of the preciousness of your chance to face yourself as you truly are. Read the history of Fanny Lu Hamer, who put her life in danger to give all Americans the right to vote. She had a short life, but look at what she did for the National Political agenda! She did the powerful inner searching then focused her ideas to make the world a better place while taking on this complicated external situation. She literally turned the American Nation around then focused the human rights in the rest of the world. Obstacles now need to be seen as multifaceted opportunities for growth. This is true in America and our global partners. Do you sense a certain urgency to see yourself in the blinding light of truth so that you may join the Mecca of possibility of building the health and prosperity in grace with harmony in thought, feeling and action?
We each must strive toward creating critical mass of seekers with whom to build intimacy toward a conversation about who we each are as individuals and as a society. This is paramount in both relative and absolute terms. Write down your list of questions and be ready to listen to the shared responses.

Where do I go to find out who I am?

How do I find out who and what I am?

Where do I need to go to get this self knowledge?

When can I make time to do this self searching?

Inside me there is a reason for the way I think, feel and move in my circles.

Sometimes I feel I have to sit still and let my mental gyrations settle so that i can just feel the breath move into my nostrils and down into my tummy.

Feeling the air passing into your nose sometimes takes practice over a period of time and concentration.

Sit still, just sit still and don’t wiggle. Don’t jump up to do that thing you just remembered. Sometimes you believe you are sitting quietly, but the mind and nerves are pumping ideas and your body is tense.
Everyone has a habit in the way they hold their body on their skeleton. This habit of form shows in the way we walk and move. This habit is sent to the flesh and nerves from the brain.
Now is a perfect time to look into and try to unravel this ball of habits we have become. It is the right time to see what we want to save and what we want to change or clean out.


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