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Not ‘How Much’ I Want To Help, Sometimes I Am Not Able.

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Some things.

And then there are those some days when serving the greater good are just stopped and stifled. ‘Stifle it Edith,’ Archie shouted!

Too much going on that squeezes people into stripes of time, which is over stuffed with people who have searing real problems where every citizen is diminished and sad. The father cannot take care of his tender son who is facing as though alone his mothers stage four cancers enormous withering of the loved mother, so no one is getting any loving attention.  That is very often the reason the patients who come to see their family doctor. They need someone who will at the very least listen and a slight possibility to have some service for one of the three suffering players. Moreover, the dr truly wants to do something to make this better

It feels like that no matter what, it does not matter how much I care about what is going on in your situation or ‘How Much’ I want to help you the world resists contact and completion.

There are times in all our lives when there is nothing I can do to make any life better. Last few days of conversation have filled me, showed me, this dilemma in glaring clarity.  I am meeting people who truly serve. The Men and Woman I met seem to speak and work with great modesty; I will share part of one story

When he walked in to the office last Friday, he found that he had a full schedule.  Though he has the same 24 hours in his day and the same number of hours for work, he was ‘given’ five more people to see in the same span of time. He sees patients for the basic 15-minute consult. Some are colds and running noses and some are other illnesses that are part of the every day job.

Two of the added visits were complex problems of great physical and mental stresses leaning toward illness.  The great pressure and sorrow is just below his skin and seems to wave out at the slightest caring question.

I know a lovely caring doctor. We often go out together to talk over great Chinese food at a favorite haunt almost all the way down the hill from town. Ours is easy friendly talking shared genuine respect for one another. Our loving attention reaches out and starts with ‘How was your day today?’

He is over worked yet listens with an opened heart and a poised intelligent mind to each problem of each patient.  Many days, his already fully booked schedule gets a bunch more inclusions.  The staff just cannot turn this family away. The conversation about new meds for what might be an attention disorder will not be taken since his Mother is dying and he wants to be there for the real process. Though a child, he fights for the right to go along and into the death of his mother long process with his head as clear as attention deficit allows. He will not be having any consciousness-changing drug. It is as though the system and society believes that some people have more than 24 hours in their day.  One aspect of what is wrong with the health care system, for the few who actually have health care, is the short time allotted for each contact.  He wants to help the young man with his recent diagnoses and help the father feel that good will come of the visit. The young man does not want the suggested medicines. The father wants whatever can keep the sons boundaries manageable, which would give the father time to grieve alone.

The Health Team could not change the dynamics with medicines.

The way to deal with the constant reality of half fixes and impossible situations is to meditate and sing songs for Peace to get peace in our hearts, which we can send in flickering waves out to the world.  I see the need of releasing responsibilities for others to be suspended after a day of impossible puzzled padded places and paths. It is the best time to sing with a group of truly lovely musicians and singers who are there for bringing the inner spirit out through song.


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