Rewiring the System

And He Walks With Me and My Dreams Are Toast

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on February 28, 2010
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And He talks with me, and the Joy we share few others have ever known, croons Elvis.  The sounds surround me from the new CD player brought to me tonight by my son in law. This gift arrives at the end of a long difficult week bereft of sitting still. Elvis sings spirituals almost as well as Mother Mahalia Jackson who is the first contact with How Great Thou Art.

I have very little linear intelligence. I live in my heart of kindness and caring for others. Many have said that all I have to do is play around with this gadget or that phone, I will work it out, and I will discover everything. They are talking to me as thought I have the ability.

People do not pay attention! Most do not listen to what is asked or said in conversation so a lot of Misunderstanding happens.  The digital world is tossing me like a ship on the sea and I do not have a floating two by four to buoy me along.  “Buoyed” by the helping hand I need so much at this digital intersection. For example, a person can buoy (‘lift up’) someone’s spirits by providing help and empathy. Reach out!

I have struggled with ATT for 6 or 7 months.  Regularly paying my bill on time and all the while trying to get support and service for my money.  I live in an area, which does not get service for my mobile phone from ATT.  Where could I go but to the provider to get help?  Where could I go seeking refuge from not being able to make or get calls in my own home? There is a paper trail at ATT of everything I tried to do to get them to provide simple telephone service.  I find that my ‘smart phone’ is deaf and dumb!

The calendar does not ring to let me know when I have an appointment and does not link to the appointments I typed into my computer.  I was late for appointments twice this week.  I will ask what everyone reading this will understand, in their own lives, that 7 months of no ability to use my phone is very tiring.

Calling Customer Service is ridiculous.  I may not be speaking the right sort of digital English. Every call I made to ‘Customer Service’ was about sales and nothing about this customer or any interest or effort at service. There was a call to Tech Support that was kindly and told me that one of the towers is permanently down!

The people at my local store are in a bind between their managers and the big corporate maw for more money.  The people are working under difficult conditions.  They actually might want to help me but are Not Allowed! Give me a break!  The ATT system stands in the way of service to make and receive calls!  Two days ago, I went into the ATT store and told the person that the only place where I get clear service is under the ground in the BART trains! The sales man replied, ‘no one gets service in the BART.’  Misunderstanding in this instance is not being present, because this is not the first time I came asking for help. Though it was the first time I came to say that there was an instance when my phone worked.  I am walking through a storm and holding my head up high.  I am not afraid of ATT, but at what point do I get legal help against this monster? If you know a lawyer who might want to take this on please write immediately.

I was found, somehow, by a tech Geek in Face Book. He started writing to me after I posted a reply about something funny. I guess he instinctively saw that I have a light touch with the foibles of life and a good sense of humor.   I like to laugh! Make me laugh and I will be glad to be your friend! This man has an interesting blog. The latest entry is about phones in the third world.

If the third world is getting service, why must I have this problem?  I live in Berkeley California.  People in the ATT subscriber retention section have no interest in serving Berkeley California in the same way as they serve Cleveland Ohio! Is this the difference between a University Town and the Home of Proctor and Gamble?  Cleveland is richer in both money and power than the hills of Berkeley CA!

I ask myself … who am I to tackle ATT?

If any of the few of you who read, my scribbles …Please reply.  If you have information about phones and computers please write to me and send the help.  My brain is tired and I am ready to jump ship and go to another mobile phone provider. Any suggestions?  What works for you?  Some one told me that iPhone is not leaving ATT, not now or ever. This is terrible!  ATT will not give me a booster for the cell towers.  An ATT representative tells me that the City Of Berkeley will not allow any new cell towers to be built around the hills or on any University of California property!  I have the strength to dream that this will change…

I am sure that the answers are going to come to me from the digital proton wave and string me somehow!  While I can think and I can talk, my dream will come true right now, says Elvis!  Right Now!


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