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My Heart Is Shaking

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on February 28, 2010
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We are experiencing a spate of earthquakes! This latest cycle since January 27th of this year!  There is so much suffering around the world and people, pets, places and things are shaking.  Is it our style of thinking that has created a negative magnetic charge pulsing with the shift in the solar sun spot cycle that is pulling the crust of our planet?  Thoughts are electrical impulsion from our ideas about how important we are in the swim of life both under and outside our skin.

I have heard that our skin as our Earth’s Crust is so thin that making quakes is just like taking a finger to the surface coagulates on an overheated cup of cocoa or milk.  Some how this fact, that we are super beings, we have not recognized our own real power in this process of life with the living planetary system, has escaped our self-knowledge.  Our Earthly seemingly solid surface is actually as thin as the milk scum on a cup of pudding! The molten flux under the surface of this planet is being stirred by the revived solar winds cycle mixing with our un-caring thoughts and actions primarily toward ourselves, one another, our families.  Our thin skin encasing our seething nervous system and fraudulent emotions is reflected in the macrocosm.  The lack of attention to what is going on inside our own bodies and out to our communities and towns makes us ‘touchy’ with one another and makes our solid stuff ‘touchy’ too .

I have a Tuesday evening meditation from seven to eight and we just sit quietly to pray for peace, for ourselves and for all the world leaders and out to every being on our earth system. I sit whether the circle of people show up or not.  There is a string of groups around the globe sitting together with the simple thought of sending out Love.  No matter whom you are or what you think, you need a loving atmosphere, chromospheres, stratosphere to thrive!

Love is all there is.  Love to reach all the suffering people who are in New Orleans, (which seems to me as the key that unlocked this cycle of suffering), Haiti, Japan, Chili, and all the unpublicized places where unimaginable suffering is hurting untold beings.

2010-01-27 18:49:33 (Mw 6.1) PHILIPPINE ISLANDS

REGION 13.7 125.4 (2c499)

2010-02-01 22:28:22 (Mw 6.5) BOUGAINVILLE

REGION, P.N.G. -6.1 154.4 (2c499


2010-02-13 02:34:29 (Mw 6.3) TONGA -21.9 -174.8


2010-02-13 02:34:29 (Mw 6.3) TONGA -21.9 -174.8


2010-02-26 20:31:26 (Mw 7.0) RYUKYU ISLANDS,

JAPAN 26.0 128.4 (2c499)

2010-02-27 06:34:14 REVISED: (Mw 8.8)

OFFSHORE MAULE, CHILE -35.8 -72.7 (2c499)

2010-02-27 08:01:24 (Mb 6.9) OFF COAST OF BIO-

BIO, CHILE -37.7 -75.2 (2c499)


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