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Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on March 4, 2010
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Peace through Beauty

I subscribe to the “idea of cultural heritage broadened to include more than just the physical remains of earlier cultures—the buildings and art, for example—but also the creative activities, the universities, the libraries, the hospitals, the concert halls and theaters. All must be protected from the ravages of war and neglect, for without them life would be nothing but a rude and ignorant time on earth.”

People often ask me, ‘what is it you believe’, ‘what is your ism’?  They want to know more about me after we have talked about ‘spiritual’ subjects in their own lives.  They wonder how I got to see the world and life in my certain way.

What is correct and what is my take on the truth?

I have thought about this for more than two months. I have come to believe that what makes me able to surf the struggles that each of us experience in the details of being human at this juncture in abundant Western Society in this United States of America is seeing the beauty all around me.

Where is the beauty in Chili now that the most democratic stable society is faced with such physical and emotional devastation? How can I reconcile beauty when I think about the ‘water war’ in Darfur?

Around the world we have challenges! I must create peace in my heart by meditating regularly so that my habit is to my inner development. I create beauty by meditating since this builds my spiritual muscle. My spiritual muscle gets me up and about the business of cleaning and caring for my self so that I am able to understand care enough so I can truly care for another and others all around our globe.   I cleaned out the storage closet this afternoon instead of writing so this is a short post. Preserving  beauty in thought and action is a start, a very good start toward understanding what I believe!  Love One Another.


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