Rewiring the System

What Is The Problem?

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on March 4, 2010
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This morning the remote control was on top of the comforter. In my home the remote has a place on the second shelf under the light of the crystal sparkle lamp next to the singing phone.  It is there in simplicty of organization and out of the way.   I have always put the remote in its place after I click off the T.V.

I rolled over just as the sun came over the old growth tree tops outside my window. I rolled over on top of the remote and turned on the radio. At first I held the sound as though it was part of my wonderful dream of poetry and dancing. But it was sound bound to shake me out of the soft soil in dream land with a slide on  to this side of the sleep line. What a surprise.

It was a purposed propelling trigger shot out of the invisible today to start my day earlier. The Ben Franklin motto to, ‘early to bed, early to rise, makes a man health, wealthy, and wise,’ is an idea that is exerting force on my material world.

Is the problem That I expect too little from myself or is it that I expect as much from others as I expect from myself?


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