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A New GrassRoutes Guide: Seattle

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on March 7, 2010
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And I was invited to be one of the contributors! Check out the Seattle edition of this great green travel series, with books suited for locals looking to get re-inspired about where they live, or for travelers to feel like locals. Also, each business and activity gives back to the community, environment, and local economy, so you can make a positive impact while having a blast.

Find it on Amazon, or read more on the GrassRoutes site.

My favorite thing in Seattle was this hotel where all the art was done by the famed Barack Obama “HOPE” poster, and the whole building, aside from the canned hotel air, reflects the paradigm shift of lodging – a new generation of staying where there’s two options – single rooms more like a boutique hotel, and also a cheaper alternative more like a hostel. Next time you are planning a trip to the northwestern-most major US city, the Ace Hotel will certainly please.

Ace Hotel

2423 1st Ave


A totally original idea for a hotel, Ace Hotel has standard clean white rooms that act like a canvas for my vacation. They come equipped with cable TV, large windows, and high ceilings, with the toilet and bath down the hall and hip poster art covering the walls. Or you can choose a deluxe room with a queen- or king-size bed, private bathroom, and air conditioning, but no mat- ter what room you choose, it’s bound to include exquisitely simple design features. When you are making your reservation, ask if a room with partial water views is available. Offering stylish comfort that’s right on point, Ace Hotel is the ultimate lodging for the urban nomad on a mission to experi- ence sleek, twenty-first-century design and affordability in a historic Bell- town building. Overall, it’s an economical sleep within blocks of Pike Place Market and Seattle’s ever-growing network of art galleries, retail stores, and restaurants. IB


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  1. Wonderful post about this hotel! I accidentally stumbled into Ace Hotel’s website a few days back, and I was drawn to exactly this- the simplicity, the white canvas, and all the light! Definitely added to my must-stay list 🙂

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